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Are you worried about how does cheaterland removal work? How to get removed from How much does cheater land post deletion cost? Then, you have come to the right place.

Imagine a scenario wherein one can report a cheater, either a business fraud or a personal relationship spoiler… Yes, there exists an online platform where you can actually “report a cheater,” and the name of the website is; Owned by an unknown person or people.

The Big Shot

The idea behind the creation of, as anyone would have imagined, is to reveal cheats in businesses, relationships, and other forms of associations.

While some people might consider this as not really necessary, others will argue that revealing cheaters might help warn unsuspecting people to stay away from the accused individuals.

But what happens when a malicious/bitter ex, lover/spouse, or business associate decides to get back at another by posting defaming contents on after fallout?

There would be no one to prove the victim otherwise, and such content could go a long way in ruining the image of the accused person.

Many businesses lose their value and clients because of negative online reviews and comments.

Also, individuals miss good job opportunities, recommendations, and other personal benefits because of false online content posted about them.

Considering that the Cheaterland website mainly targets cheaters in relationships or marriages, a partner called out on the platform might find it extremely difficult to start a new romantic relationship or find someone else to get married!

We protect your online reputation and takedown defaming content such that it does not appear on any website or search result.

Before we go ahead and tell you more about our removal services, let’s get you better informed about the Cheaterland website.

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What is is a well-known website for its users’ scandalous posts submission about their ex-lovers and spouses or other unfaithful persons or mistreated them.

Despite the website’s original goal of letting the public know about fraud or a cheater, no one’s personal life is supposed to be made known to the public without their permission.

However, this website provides a platform for its users to punish their offenders by posting defaming contents alongside pictures or videos to support their claims.

Social media platforms and websites to communicate and share experiences are rapidly taking over the world.

Websites like are becoming a threat to individuals and businesses because contents posted on these sites are not verified and because the identity of the posters is not disclosed.

Therefore, anyone could make a defaming post with pictures or videos without worrying about their identity.

Also, personal and confidential information could be disclosed on In a situation where an ex-lover who felt cheated wants to ruin you, he/she could disclose delicate personal or professional information that could destroy your reputation.

A defaming content made about you with pictures displayed on this site could cause a lot of damage to you as an individual and as a businessman.

The damages caused by these defaming posts range from personal damages to professional damages.

The personal damages include loss of trust from relatives, friends, and spouses, emotional trauma, etc. Few people even commit suicide.

Your professional reputation can be damaged as well, and as a result, you begin to lose clients, prospective business partners, job employments, and lots more.

The disclosed information could open you to further harm by just anyone, one of the many reasons why you should protect your online reputation, and RepZe is here to do just that.

The Cheaterland website is protected by the Communication Decency Act, section 230.

This act prevents the website from taking responsibility for posts and comments made by a third party.

However, the protection covers only the website and not the unknown poster.

Is it possible to remove content from
Yes, it’s possible to remove negative and slanderous content from RepZe does that in less than 12 hours after receiving the signed contract.

Is it Guaranteed Removal?
Yes, it’s a Guaranteed removal service offer. If we do not remove, you do not pay. We provide a lifetime removal guarantee in case of content reposting.

Do you charge upfront fees?
No, we do not charge any upfront fees. It’s only after the successful removal from the website,

How much does it cost to remove post?
The removal cost starts from 7,00$ and should go up to 1,500$ per link.

We have created an infographic to help you understand the removal process. Click here to check it out here.

Fill out the form below to get the cheapest removal pricing and instant removal timeline. If we don’t remove your post within 12 hours, we will not charge you a penny.

    How The CDA Protect

    Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act states that an interactive computer service provider (in these cases, or operator shall not be held responsible for the content provided by a third party.

    This means that a website like is not responsible for the contents made by its users, whether defamatory or not. This act protects the website from unnecessary court cases.

    However, there are some cases where this act cannot protect the website. These exceptions are;

    1. If the website rephrases content, the original meaning is changed, and the new meaning is defaming.
    2. Cases where the website encourages illegal acts.
    3. Failure to remove defaming content after the website had agreed to do so.

    Problems Associated With CheaterLand 

    • Unknown posters: The posters on the Cheaterland website are unknown because it does not require the contact or personal details of its users during registration. Anyone could register on this website with just an email and a username. The email, for all we know, could be faked. This makes the users feel invincible and can therefore post just anything, defamatory or not, without worrying about their identity.
    • Unproved contents: The website publishes content without proper verification. Contents of users are not vetted or edited, and the website is not responsible for the posts of their users, as stated in section 230 of the CDA. Therefore, whether content has little or no truth in it, it will be published, risking the reputation of others.
    • Revenge platform and threat: The Cheaterland website does not just provide the platform for its users to get revenge on their offenders; it also threatens any victim who wants to take any action against the website. Their “contact us” page speaks threat to anyone who fights against the posts made on the site.

    Taking Down Defamatory Post From

    Defaming contents can be taken down via different methods. Some of these methods are:

    1. Complaining to the website, making a complaint to the website about the defaming post, and requesting it to be taken down are methods of removing defaming contents.
    2. By court order, to efficiently use this method, you need an attorney. Here, you issue a court order to Google later, which Google sees to it that the defaming content is removed. However, the court order must be endorsed by a judge.
    3. By the DMCA takedown notice, the DMCA takedown notice is one of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act services. The Cheaterland website allows its users to post pictures and videos of those who created them. Therefore, the takedown notice can be sent to the website where these videos and pictures were posted without permission. However. The notice should contain the following;
    • Your name and signature
    • The defaming post with pictures and videos posted without permission
    • The website on which it was posted
    • Contact address
    • A statement showing your sincere intentions and that all the information provided on the DMCA notice is true.
      1. By issuing a subpoena, since the Cheaterland website allows posts to be made by anonymous persons, it might be tough to follow the legal process in removing defaming content. This is because the CDA protects websites from being charged for contents made by a third party. However, this act (CDA) does not cover the anonymous poster. Therefore, knowing the poster’s identity could help you get legal justice and, eventually, remove the content. To reveal the identity of the anonymous poster, a subpoena is issued by the state. Before the victim is permitted to investigate the identity of the defamer, the website or ISP obeys certain legal standards. The plaintiff should be able to prove certain things, which are;
    • Prove that the victim had tried several times in the past to notify the anonymous poster of the search for his identity.
    • A copy of the exact post made online for which the poster is sought.
    • Recognition of all the details for your case
    • Presentation of significant evidence backing up your case
    • Reasons why the court should violate the law and search for the identity of the defamer.

    Another method you could apply in removing defaming content from the Cheaterland website is the suppression method. This is done with the help of technical SEO tools. These tools prevent the defaming content, pictures, or videos from showing on the top of search results. If you have been defamed on or you feel you are unjustly accused, contact for help.

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    Things To Note

    • On the Cheaterland website, contents are not reviewed or verified before being published. Therefore, you must stay alert and takedown, defaming contents and pictures made about you in time.
    • You can take down defaming content in many ways, but first, you must weigh your options. It is after this that you would be able to make the right decision. However, you don’t need to go through all the stress of doing that yourself, as is here to help you. We use the right and most efficient methods in removing defaming contents and protecting your reputation.
    • Defaming contents can be deindexed by the Google search engine. To deindex a content means to remove it from search results. When the defaming content is searched for, it won’t appear on Google search results even though the content is still online.
    • If defamed and you choose to make a defamation claim in court, make sure that you are very conversant with your state’s requirements and the law of limitations time frame.
    • With Google alerts, you can know what is happening online. Google alert is a service provided by the google search engine. It detects and notifies you of any content with your name on it. This helps you check and be sure that no defaming content is made about you, and if there is any, you could take fast action in taking it down before it spreads.
    • Take precautions when opting for legal action against defamation. A very skilled attorney who is experienced in handling defamation cases should be consulted.

    Is CheaterLand legal?
    Yes, Cheaterland is fully legal and compliant with US laws. They are protected against lawsuits by abiding by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Simply put, you can not sue them.

    How do you delete a post on CheaterLand?
    To delete the post, you must contact a third-party arbitration services provider like Reps. site owner is not obligated to remove it unless the US courts order it.

    How do I contact CheaterLand?
    You can contact CheaterLand only through their contact form Remember that they never respond to any removal inquiry unless you submit a valid court order.  Seriously, there is no other way around.

    Cheaterland Post Removal is aimed at protecting your reputation, especially for all kinds of online platforms. We also help you take down incriminating posts against your name and brand by a revenge-seeking partner, ex-spouse, etc. Therefore, trusting us with your Cheater Land removal services will be an absolutely right choice.

    We remove contents like; misrepresentation, slander, fake news, defamation by competitors, attack websites, negative reviews, complaint boards, mugshots, defaming photos, PDFs, videos, and lots more.

    We also assist in managing your online reputation the way you want it. We confidently guarantee 100 percent results for our removal services, and we respond swiftly to all of your needs.

    Contact us now for our services through our Email, [email protected]. You can reach us through this line (970) 458 8143 or at 9615 E County Line Rd-Ste. B#444, Centennial, CO 80112.