How To Remove Post From Removal

Do you find Scamero demeaning? How it works and how much the website can damage a person’s reputation? Have you been wanting to have a post about you removed from Scamero but you’re wondering how much it will cost you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

What is

Due to the availability of tons of businesses online, e-commerce businesses are very easy to run. So many things can be done online nowadays. Activities like banking, purchasing and trading can easily be carried out in your comfort zone once you have an internet enabled device in your hand.

Going cashless is now the order of the day and because of the liberty it gives, one can avoid the pressure of carrying so much cash in hand as well as avoid waste of time.

But, despite the fact that tasks have become easier due to its ability to be carried out in no time, several online crimes have sprung up. The numbers continue to increase by the day, even ones that were almost non-existent in the past.

Identity theft, exploitations, modus operandi and scams that have the ability to lure people into using credit cards online such as gambling, illegal FOREX trading money laundering e.t.c.

What protection do people get as a result of acting on information that was given out online? Zero, no matter how some platform policies say your identity is protected, victims of these scammers end up frustrated and unheard.

Due to this, there is the tendency to rely on platforms where they are allowed to vent and let out their frustrations. Most aggrieved people do this without sometimes understanding the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately for the offending individual or business, these stains are not easily gotten rid off. Association with these unfortunate events, defamatory allegations and damaging descriptions could birth traumatizing results.

Scamero is one of numerous platforms that are very lackadaisical in terms of filtering their user’s posts. Although it has a favourable mission which is to help the victims of scams and frauds alike get heard, they don’t take the responsibility of finding out if whatever was written against a person, business or brand is true or not.

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Some of the people, businesses and brands may have made amends one way or another, but sadly, these posts are not adjusted to set the record straight, neither does it get taken down. And paying too much money for it can be draining both emotionally and financially. That’s why you need to learn how to handle anything written against you. This can be done by first understanding how Scamero works:

How does work?

Scamero serves as a platform for reporting complaints and dissatisfaction regarding people, businesses and brands that have scammed, lied to or deceived consumers. Services or products that had been paid for that are dissatisfactory, non-compliant or deceitful in nature are the purest proof the user could actually speak of in association with the names.

Right about now, it boasts of about 211 pages with 15-20 complaints on each. Names like JT Foxx, Profit Warriors, Techshore Kerala are some of the names described as frauds.

Scamero holds no connection whatsoever to its user as registration is not even required. It just has a call out action that says, “Report a Scam” and upon hitting that, it directs you to a page where you are asked for your Business Name or Personal Identification, Reason of Dissatisfaction, Address, Country where you’re from and your contact details such as phone number and email address.

Needless to say, anybody who holds a grudge against anybody could decide to vent about them on How helpless could one get?

Who can submit content on

Anybody seems to be allowed to report a scam. As earlier stated, no registration is required. So basically, if you know how to read, write and type, your report of a scam is good to go.

Why do you have the right to request that defamatory content published against you be taken down?

They believe that they hold no liability as regards contents that are published on their website and disclaims the process of doing so. Cleland Thom mentioned in his book published in 2016, Online Law, “journalists, web editors, PRs or anyone who believes a post online could be damaging their careers in any way or is embarrassing them to any extent, they may contact its editors to request for the particular content removal they deem offensive and unlawful.

The weight of being defamed may not be understood well until these words are next to your name:

  1. Total Fraud
  2. He is a rapist.
  3. She can be bought.
  4. He is an arsonist.
  5. She is a paedophile.
  6. He is a thief and a liar.
  7. She is a drug addict.
  8. He is a fugitive.

Being described this way may be extreme. In addition to that, it can be humiliating for your family, friends and co-workers even to even be associated with you. So it is advisable to act now before it gets worse.

What’s’s say on taking down already published posts

Unfortunately, Scamero only provides two call-to-action buttons at the bottom of their website and that is Scamero’s main page and the one that says Contact Us. They don’t have policies, terms and conditions nor rules and regulations available for any to see. Including how removal requests are handled.

This could only mean that they don’t owe anybody an answer if request via email was made to the administration. Therefore, all allegations to any person, business or brand will be considered but don’t necessarily grant any request of taking down an already  published content.

Why almost never take down already published defamatory posts

By posting material on, the reporter of a scam generally gives it authorization on its copyright. Nonetheless, there is no authority or a team to run after except the Contact Us page that says Send e-mail to “Admin”.

Not requiring registration also includes non-inclusion of age whatsoever so, generally, cannot be liable for any lawsuit regarding age because there is no way it can be proven since all that one needs to verify before reporting the scam is that one is no robot.

The right to publish, distribute, and reproduce the report submitted and create derivatives of such work are handed over to on submission. This means it can be used together with any other party and that it also authorizes to an irreversible, paid-in-full, global hold on the content.

Painfully, this also waives any ‘moral rights’ which may now or may hereafter be taken against Scamero.

Copyright Policies doesn’t declare that it complies 100% to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) 17 U.S.C. § 512, et. seq. but it will help if you read a thing or two about it.

How you can get to take down defamatory content

Scamero don’t offer this option at all. Copyright is a form of intellectual property where its exclusivity and assignability constitutes a legal right to sole ownership. This is a lawful right granted for a fixed number of years to publish, reproduce and perform a literary, art and music. This rights are handed over to on submission

Sounds very limiting. But there could be a chance.

Social media or platforms like Scamero should know better than turning down people whose reputation maybe damaged in more way than one because of their services. By law, they really can’t do this unless you have agreed that they can’t and will not honor post removal.

Since there are no terms and conditions set by, you may actually  have a chance for the removal of defamatory contents that have been published by you.

Unfortunately the “right to be forgotten” if you own the copyright or what was disclosed have been affirmed by the Court of Rome, and agreed upon by the EC, Parliament and Council of Ministers and finally ratified by the European Parliament, so nothing guarantees that a social media network or defamatory platforms like may delete the content permanently.

How to obtain an effective court order to take down the offensive post

In addition, it would not hurt if you do this as well since Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is one to address issues concerning copyright infringement and abuse. They require you to present the following though in order to obtain a court order should asks for it in the end. Even though getting this ready would not actually guarantee your request would even be read, it’s better to have this at hand at all times:

(1) The complainant’s real name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

(2) A detailed description of the work that they claim they own the copyright of, has broken one or more than one policy;

(3) The exact URL/s or web addresses that locates the alleged infringing post;

(4) The statement, filed the complainant must have been submitted in good faith. No disputed use should lead to his own, his agents’ or the law’s authorization;

(5) A proof of the physical (or electronic) signature of the person acting on behalf of the complainant – but typing the complainant’s full name at the end of the notice is OK.

(6) A declaration made under penalty of perjury, by the affected party, that the information submitted is factual and accurate, that he is the legal copyright owner (or is the authorized party to act on the copyright owner’s behalf).

Note that if you submit a removal request but you do not own the copyright to the published content, complainant will be substantially liable. He/she will be imposed by law for any defamation and damage it incurred, not excluding attorney’s fees. Check 17 U.S.C. § 512(f) for a more elaborate explanation. Removal

All these processes could cost you a lot of time, effort and money. Because of how selfish terms and conditions are written, it may seem impossible to get out of their damaging pool of infringed content. This is where RepZe does the works for you.

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