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Are you worried about how Removal works? How to delete the negative and defamatory post from How much does She’s A Homewrecker Removal Cost? Than you have come to the right place.

Having your reputation ruined from being published on a website like can be really depressing.

Have you spent hundreds of dollars and valuable time looking for a way to be removed from What does it take and how far does a person have to go to recover from the inhumane embarrassment?

Read through to recover your name fast!

Social media is everywhere, It has changed how the world lives and is perceived.

With almost any kind of information ready to be searched online, even purchase of a product has become dependent on reviews, referrals and opinions of consumers who have had prior experiences of a certain product or service.

Somehow, this has helped a lot of people in numerous ways.

Specifically, businesses have become global in scale, not to mention job applicants who are now able to build reputation and establish connections with potential employers and possible clients. The impossible had become possible.

That being said, reputation has become such a huge selling factor that defamation online gets in the way nowadays, compared to a few years ago.

For example, a crazy ex, a vengeful co-worker or even a sore loser can decide to ruin a person’s reputation by putting them to shame through It’s alarming how it’s almost impossible to get out of such hellhole.

“Building a good reputation takes hard work and dedication. Don’t let your hard-earned reputation go to waste, shield it from attacks with an all-round protection solution by RepZe”

Don’t worry, the impossible may become possible but first, it is imperative to understand how works.

How Does Work?

Despite its obvious name which already gives you an idea of what kind of service it provides, is a website that allows its users to exercise people’s rights under the First Amendment where they can share their first-hand experiences, stories and opinions with the world.

Needless to say, it usually is about how a particular somebody had wrecked their homes and families. But while the First Amendment established rights, they are not unlimited. Therefore, certain standards are set for users to follow:

  1. Content submissions must be factual and true. Clearly, this statement says the author is liable to any lawsuit concerning publication of false statements. So, people supposedly post information or matters of personal opinion which are clearly commenced with: “What you will read from hereafter are based solely on my own experience…”
  2. By posting any form of content on she’s a homewrecker, you agree, represent and testify that your submission is authentic, based only on facts and is lawful. Meaning, no invasion of privacy should have been committed.
  3. Contributions and submissions must be fair (based on what really happened), clear and straight to the point. Don’t omit important details that alters the whole story.
  4. Contact information such as name and/or email of a user provided to the SAHW should be legit. Fabrication or establishing a floating contact information is discouraged at all times. One of their general policies is to protect the identity of their users to a maximum extent permitted by law. An exemption goes, if a valid subpoena or court order requires SAHW to release information including your personal information, it would faithfully comply in doing so. To those who are extremely concerned about this, pseudonym usage is allowed.

Who Can Submit Content On

Anybody who fully understands the Terms of Service the website has, can submit content. To begin with you must be at least 14 years old to use the website or before a post can be uploaded on your behalf.

Your Rights To Request For Defamation Removal From

According to the book Online Law, by Cleland Thom, anybody who believes that an item, post or write up is damaging to their career prospects and/or causing them embarrassment may ask web editors to remove online content.

To understand the gravity of being defamed, it usually involves statements such as:

  1. He is such a liar.
  2. This person committed a crime.
  3. She can be bribed because she had done it before.
  4. He did a power trip on some subordinates taking advantage of his higher position for personal gain.
  5. She is known for violent or abusive behaviour.
  6. He is paedophiliac.
  7. Illicit affairs are her thing.
  8. He is always intoxicated with illegal drugs.

To get tied up with these descriptions could damage you in so many ways. Moreover, people that you are associated with may also be affected by the traumatizing events that branches out from the shameful comments. Not to mention, if you hold a reputable status in your company, and your bosses or clients find this about you, it’s very likely an instant cut-off waiting to happen.

If you don’t want them to get involved or if you don’t want to lose something you have worked hard for all your life, you have to act as soon as possible.

What’s’s Says on Removing a Post

By policy, will remove any content from their site if any of their policies, terms and conditions concerning publishing had been breached, although decision would be based on their own editorial discretion.

For the requested post to be removed, they make sure first that it is unlawful, obscene, inappropriate, or has been proven defamatory or false.

They strongly comply to any valid/lawful court orders since this is one of their policies. In consideration, a valid court order should be an actual proof that something in a post is wrongly stated or is untrue.

This alone is not a 100% guarantee that they will remove posts at every court order they receive.

Nothing in their Terms of Service may be considered as a promise to remove any content.

Any considerations, regarding how accurate the submission is, should be dealt with in a court amongst parties involved (author/publisher and subject of the post). To clear it out right here and now, is not a party in such a case.

Still in strict compliance with their Terms and Conditions, and on top of their written and published policies.  Images, written content, attachments, comments and graphics published at SAHW are NOT verified for accuracy.

They do not fact-check posts or comments submitted by users. They don’t ensure the accuracy of any content presented on SAHW by third parties hence, the policy includes statement of full responsibility of submission of factual content was solely imposed on the user from the beginning.

In addition, contributions that you might come across with in may be in the form of speculations, rumors, assumptions, opinions, hearsay and gossip. In other words, lots of unverified information from contributors that anybody may find offensive and may be taken subjectively one way or another.

But because it’s not the she’s a homewrecker service to verify the information posted by a contributor, it may come across as unacceptable and questionable.

SAHW makes no claim as to how accurate, complete or authentic posted information or opinions appear on she’s a homewrecker.

They also do not edit, commercialize, advertise, embrace, or favour the opinions or views of third parties expressed on their site or on any other linked sites.

Simply serving as a neutral platform, she’s a homewrecker is not responsible for what users or affected people may term as moral. Any issues to be resolved should be between the poster and the complainant.

Why Almost Never Take down Defamatory Post

By posting material on she’s a homewrecker(SAHW), the right to publish, distribute, reproduce, such information and content and to prepare derivative works of it is automatically granted by the user.

To elaborate, it can be used in collaboration with, side by side and in association with other works and sister websites or companies.

An irrevocable, coverage complete, fully-paid, exclusive and global license (so to speak) that is inclusive of a grant and authorization of foregoing sublicenses if need be.

This also serves as a waiver covering so-called ‘moral rights’ which may now or may hereafter be taken against the company on top of libellous allegations and be recognized by legislative enactment or otherwise at law or in equity in lieu of the kind of content it allows.

The user guarantees that the Content published is their own original work, and that they own or control 100% of the rights to it.

The rights granted to SAHW in this license will be free of any claims, responsibilities and obligations.

Furthermore, this license the user have warranted and agreed to proclaims that he does not require the permission of any third party; and that there is no agreement with any third party that could interfere with the rights of SAHW.

Under this license, the user also agrees 100% that payment is not required from anyone at in releasing or publishing any posts.

Although she’s a homewrecker has the right to omit content at any time and for any reason, they do not remove content generally when somebody complains about its authenticity claiming to be the original publisher of the post.

SAHW cannot verify claims of content ownership. Therefore, they are not obliged to conform to any request except that of a law-governing bodies

SAHW complies 100% to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) 17 U.S.C. § 512, et. seq.

How You Can Get to Take Down Defamatory Content

A copyright is the exclusive and assignable legal right to ownership granted for a fixed number of years to publish, film, perform, print and record a certain form of literary, publication, art and music.

If a user is the proven sole copyright owner of an infringed content, and they believe their property has been used in the website, they should contact immediately.

SAHW will consider, as prompt as possible, any valid take down demand as long as the demand meets all DMCA requirements and as long as the specific use of the picture(s) was against policy. To be clear — SAHW promises to review a complainant’s notice but does not guarantee removal; they only promise to review the request promptly.

SAHW gives out a personal opinion concerning how DMCA operates. It may be 100% free which means nobody is required to pay anything when submitting a takedown request.

But websites that it may be collaborating with could charge fees just to prepare a DMCA notice. Their website itself prices this particular service $199.00/at a time.

If a complainant is not confident in preparing their own DMCA notice, STRONGLY ADVISES AGAINST USING WEBSITES LIKE In their opinion, charges too much money but their client still has to do most of the work.

Rather than paying a service like, recommends that complainants simply could spend some time researching how to prepare a DMCA notice and do it themselves.

If proper research of the law has been done yet they still feel undecided and doubtful, SAHW recommends seeking a lawyer who has handled cases concerning copyright issues.

Although a Lawyer will cost you, offers our takedown services at a very affordable flat rate. aka SAHW recommends that you seek a lawyer whose experience covers intellectual property/copyright cases

How to Obtain a Court Order 

DMCA notices require a complainant to include at least the following things at a minimum:

(1) Their name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address;

Note that the DMCA requires you provide this information. SAHW understands that some people are uncomfortable giving their real address or phone.

As a courtesy, they are willing to waive that requirement as long as the complainant’s request otherwise conforms with all other considerations DMCA had set and imposed.

Complainants who don’t want to provide their address or phone can simply say: “Address/Phone available upon request”.

(2) A description of the work they believe they own the copyright of that they claim has broken one or more than a single policy;

(3) The exact URL or web address where the alleged infringing material is located

An instruction to remove “the 4th image on page 3” is NOT sufficient as SAHW adds new content all the time. Therefore, images may shift location.

Also, a description such as “that picture of me” is also unacceptable because SAHW does not know who is in their content on a personal level.

Do provide the exact URL of the post at issue. Where to obtain the URL? Click on the title of the submission, then look at the online address bar on the top of the page. If your complaint wouldn’t include the exact URL, the request may be delayed or rejected.

(4) A statement by the one who filed the complaint should have submitted in good faith in which no disputed use has been authorized by him, their agent, or the law;

(5) Electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on the complainant’s behalf — typing the complainant’s full name at the end of the notice is OK.

(6) An instruction made under penalty of perjury by the affected party — the information in his notice should be accurate, that he is the sole copyright owner or is the authorized party to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.

If you wish to do removal request via DMCA, email them through [email protected]

SAHW needs complainants to consider the time they need to work on it. Notices are reviewed only during normal business hours from 9-5 Monday through Friday (Arizona time) by DMCA.

If it is to be proven, picture(s) identified in the notice will be removed. However, DO NOT choose not to respond to notices nor explain why a particular notice was not honored.

SAHW is no legal advisor. Therefore, no response to any emails asking “Why wasn’t my DMCA request considered?” or “What should I do so you will honor my DMCA request?” will be given.

These types of questions should be presented to a local attorney where the complainant resides for rights and options be explained extensively.

A strong note not to miss from goes:

“If you submit a removal request about a particular post, but you do not own the copyright to it, substantial liability will be imposed by law for any defamation and damage it incurred, not excluding attorney’s fees for allowing the website to believe so because of any form of forgery. Check 17 U.S.C. § 512(f) for a more elaborate explanation.”

Repeat Infringer Policy: doesn’t joke around copyright law.  Additional to removing content that breach policies, terms and conditions, SAHW will not hesitate to block, as appropriate, access to the site by anybody who the website sees as a repeat infringer.  For clarification processes, a “repeat infringer” is anybody who broke the policies in publishing content three (3) or more times within six (6) months in between submissions.

Obtaining a Court Order

All of these processes could cost you a lot of time, effort and money. Because of how specific SAHW’s policies, terms and conditions are, especially in terms of filing a complaint regarding published content, they provided removal services named hereafter their website. It offers free, confidential and expedited way to learn about their guaranteed content removal solution. Removal

Defamation law exists to protect people and businesses from untrue attacks on their moral or professional reputation. If anyone published a statement claiming, for example, that someone is guilty of criminal, unprofessional or antisocial behaviour, the publisher can be sued and may have to pay substantial court damages unless they can prove the allegations are substantially true.

  • Online Law, Cleland Thom

Journalists, bloggers, and even citizens can earn their own disputes online because of websites like

Digital Media had produced risky platforms that disseminate information where, if handled poorly, could pose harmful results.

Some legal and ethical problems may arise, directly proportional to the rise of the capacity the internet could be used for.

Lack of information on how to recover reputation is immensely felt   that is why RepZe is here, ready to cut through the haze where your reputation may not only be recovered but also transformed into a better standing.

While RepZe LLC is composed of dedicated professionals with a goal of bringing back the reputation you’ve lost because of inconsiderate websites like, it has a team who also aims to empower victims of defamatory allegations and businesses, who suffered from false representation and have been put in jeopardy.

RepZe has good reputation management and protection of digital privacy as its pillars for its foundation. Their versatile yet specific services uphold your good global standing and our experienced team knows your business’ needs.

Our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we look forward to helping our clients get rid of terrible scandals like these

Featured services that RepZe provides:

  1. Reputation Management – Because online visibility is the name of the game, competition amongst brands have gone significantly high on the internet. With the fast build up comes a downward spiral in reputation once sabotage on a brands services and products are made through negative reviews or libellous comments. RepZe provides reputation management to avoid this nightmare.

Providing protection, monitoring and management to build and sustain a great online and offline image are the solutions reputation management can assuredly provide.  Through this particular service, you can build a long-lasting, sustainable strategy that matches your grit in representing your brand and your business.

  1. Online Reputation Protection – This is another product that is necessary for you to have for your business’ advantage. RepZe has made this available for you to add up to your long-term strategy as you go head-to-head with challenges, to build protection around your brand and to set a competitive sturdy image that strongly recommends your business just with the way it presents itself.
  2. Content Removal – Bad reviews and harmful comments, no matter how it comes across, either alone or composes 1% vs. the 99% good attributes for your business, it may still induce a scar to your brand. The thing is, once is published, it’s forever there available for everybody to see and disseminate. If 10 would share a single bad comment or rating, that’s as good as 10 bad comments available. Imagine how fast those could comments to get to 10 friends who could get disseminate such awful remark to 10 more, then it will multiply dangerously before you know it. RepZe sees to it that doesn’t happen. Examples of the contents they remove are the following:
  • Misrepresentation
  • Slander and Fake news
  • Defamation by Competitors
  • Attack websites
  • Negative Reviews
  • Articles & blogs
  • Civil legal documents
  • Complaint Boards
  • Mugshots
  • Controversial Photos, pdfs, videos and much more.
  1. Crisis management is an umbrella strategy for prevention, management and rehabilitative aspect for damaged or affected reputation for your business or your reputation.

For a quote for all of these services, feel free to contact us through the information below:

Contact number:         (970) 458 8143

Address:                      9615 E County Line Rd-Ste, B#444 Centennial, CO 80112

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