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If you have ever been in a relationship with someone who doesn’t appreciate you or is not doing enough for the relationship, then you will know how frustrating and devastating it can be.

However, this is nothing compared to being in a relationship with a person who behaved like a saint all through the initial part of the relationship, only to suddenly change when he was able to get some money, sex or other favors from you.

Such a person’s interest might take a downward spiral from almost 100 straight to zero. He/she may stop doing all the nice things they used to do for you in the past or stop listening to you and it might seem as if you are forcing yourself on him or her.

Within a short while, it becomes obvious that they want to leave and you allow them to or they leave anyway without helping you find closure.

There have even been cases of a partner taking property of the other partner and disappearing. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen between boyfriends and girlfriends alone but also between husbands and wives.

When any of these happens, you might want to warn other people about such an individuals. One website you can achieve this is on

What is is a website where you can report your notorious exes who have wronged you in one way or the other. Some people have been cheated or cheated on by their partners.

This could be more difficult when the partner had taken time and effort to work his or her way into their hearts making them believe they have a future together.

The emotional pain and trauma that comes from this is not something you wish on your enemy. provides a platform where you can warn other people about such individuals.

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Who can Post on is a platform where anybody who has been hurt by an ex can post their grievances.

However, since there is no easy way to verify their stories, some other people who were not happy that their good partners left them due to some major flaws on their paths have also fabricated or exaggerated stories on the platform towards tarnishing the image of their ex.

This means there are three categories of contents published there; the true, the partial truth or lies strategically aimed at tarnishing the image of an individual

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If you have gotten any information that your ex has posted an information to slander you on or any other websites that allow similar posts on the Internet, then you should reach out to to help you to clear such content.

Irrespective of the format of content or the website, they have the right tools and existing relationship with most of such sites to get in contact with the administrators of the website and reach and amicable solution that will help you get your name away from such lies.