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Cheating can come in various forms.

It could be the case of a partner in a dating relationship or marriage keeping other partners without the knowledge of their partner.

It could also come in the form of poor product or service delivery for a much higher charge than required.

It could also be the case of scamming like fake car dealers collecting money for cars; or eCommerce platform collecting payment but not delivering any product.

It could also be the case of fake doctors or certified doctors that carry out shady deals in hospitals.

Banks and insurance companies are not exempted from cheating. Irrespective of where the cheat happened including Canada and California, you can share details about fraud on

Why People Post on

Even though people who find easy trusting others are most vulnerable to cheaters, people who are more have also fallen victim to scams.

This is because scamming can come in any form and it could happen even in places you least expected.

Losing your hard-earned money as a result of a scam can be very painful.

However, this could be worse when there are other interconnected factors.

For instance, you might have lost a reasonable amount of time.

In some cases, it could be issues that have to do with life and death. At the end of the day, life could be lost as a result of the greediness or carelessness of someone else.

When people face these situations, they get some form of relief from being able to tell their story.

Telling their stories also help in warning other people from using the services of such cheaters.

When Information About You Shows up on

Information about you showing up on could be deserved or not.

For instance, you might have a disgruntled staff that might purposely offend customers just to get back at you or your organization without your knowledge.

In other cases, competitors could pay people to try to tarnish your image with the intention to garner more customers.

There are also instances where you could make honest mistakes, which of course led to bad results and defamatory content about you shows up on

There are also instances where you are guilty as charged. Irrespective of the reason or the situation leading to information about you showing up on, it is possible to have such information removed.

Not removing the information would harm your personality, your business and could even haunt your family members.

Best Way to Remove Content about You from

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