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The Myths 

There are instances where we tend to trust a person more than they deserve.

At the end of the day, they show us just how wrong we were to trust them in the most brutal of ways.

In most cases, they could go all out to deceive us and sweet talk us till we give them all they want and then they make us regret ever having anything to do with them.

When this happens, we sometimes have the urge to revenge or at least warn others about their tendencies and what they can be up to.

The Internet provides such an opportunity as it is a place where everybody can easily post content for free.

This is a more affordable option than paying for a newspaper publication, radio or television broadcast about the person. Furthermore, the Internet also provides a very wide reach. is one of such places where people can post information about people who have hurt them.

What is is a website dedicated to people who have had experiences with cheaters and bastards. Cheaters are people who despite being in a relationship enjoy having other sexual relationships.

They do this without considering the fact that such relationships could harm their partners emotionally and even health wise.

Bastard, in this case, is not usually in a literal manner but more like a person that behaves like a bastard. This implies individuals who lie, deceive, steal and commit other types of crime.

Thus, if you have had an experience with people that behaves like this, then you can easily call involve a website like  cheaters and bastards, to help you carry out vengeance on them or sending a warning to other people.

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Who can Post on was created as a platform that help people who have had an experience with a cheater and/or bastard by letting them share their experience with such an individual.

Thus, the platform is open to everyone all over the world to post information about people who have hurt them.

However, other categories of people have also leveraged on the opportunity to post negative information about people who have wronged them in other ways (even when they are at fault) or those who have done them no wrong at all.

They label innocent people as cheaters and bastards just to get back at them for one reason or the other.

Remove Content from 

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