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Consumers of products face different challenges from time to time, and there are only few things more frustrating than using your hard-earned money to purchase a particular product and discovering you got ripped off.

Apart from the devastating effect that could have on you, the thought of many more unaware consumers who have suffered something similar and thousands more who could be cheated lingers in the mind.

What Is

Ripoff Report is an internet platform that exists for the purpose of revealing and publicizing individuals, artisans, businesses, firms, politicians, Government workers etc. that have ripped off a consumer in one way or another.

With the website, duped consumers can simply file a document and warn unsuspecting consumers to avoid doing any form of deal with the accused personal or corporate body. It is a website by consumers for consumers!

With over 2.5 million filed reports already, anyone with their name on is certain to have a soiled reputation. One key disadvantage of the platform is that there is no way to guarantee the authenticity of all reports filed.

As a matter of fact, it is clearly stated on the website that:

“While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate”.

This certainly implies that lots of people or businesses would have had their images stained as a result of false reports filed against them on Ripoff Report!

If something like this is discovered, that is if you find out that your name and/or that of your business had been wrongly listed on the website, you should make a quick move and seek for the best possible Ripoff Report removal and deindexing service.

If you have been falsely accused or misrepresented or you would like to clear your name and reputation of all wrongdoings that could be online.

RepZe is here to shoulder the removal responsibility by creating a strong/positive online image for yourself and company.

Ripoff Report is a globally recognized website and publication firmed to help consumers air their opinion about a company, enterprise or an individual’s products or services.

It also gives firms, industries, large and small business enterprises the chance to recreate a good and strong reputation for themselves, especially if they have been wrongly represented to the public.

The users of this websites are allowed to post their complaints about companies and individuals anonymously.

Though the website supports its users to make factual reports but this is not the case for the online community.

However, the website does not go the extra mile to ensure that reports made by its users are accurate.

The reports are published without being vetted or edited, which has caused so many companies and individuals to lose their good reputation.

The site was founded in 1998 by Ed Magedson and has since kept to its original objective of creating a platform for the general public to air their opinions and experiences on a company’s products or services.

Its scope covers every imaginable sector of life and the site is being contacted by many top government officials, high ranking businesses and firms, security agencies, the state and Federal Governments of various countries, and many media agencies.

Also, making a report on is usually comes without the cost of email, identity and phone number verification. You can say its a completely anonymize platform to report a scam.

Therefore, many of its users misuse the opportunity by making unverified or false reports about others.

Statistics have shown that millions of people visit this website, so you definitely do not want a negative ripoff report filed against you.

Especially with the fact that any report, fake or authentic, will be all over the web and search engines in a matter of days.

Ripoff report offers ad space for sale and also provides opportunity for companies to pay for the investigation of any report made against them.

The payment for this is usually more than $100,000, and the Ripoff report website also provide an arbitration program – a program which is designed to help companies salvage their reputation.

A new service known as Ripoff Report Verified was initiated in May, 2013.

With this service, a company gets the chance to protect its reputation, because an email would be sent directly to them, notifying them of any defaming or negative report made against them.

The company would then be given an opportunity to settle the issue with the reporter or complainant.

What Really Lies Ahead For Companies With Ripoff Report?

This can be a really difficult situation for anyone, irrespective of the reputation or capacity which they have created for themselves.

No matter how badly you have been presented to the public, it is not impossible to sought yourself out and make the best of whatever bad situation there is.

There is no need to panic as there is a range of actions that can be taken to correct the situation.

Obtaining a court order can help individuals and companies remove ripoff reports from search engines like Google. This could have been a perfect option but for the few outstanding limitations that accompany legal procedures.

In the first place, the monetary cost of getting a court order is not very friendly, especially when it involves private enterprises and individuals.

Also, time is a major factor to be considered while dealing with a negative ripoff report on the net.

Not overlooking the power of the news media, it is best to understand that the longer you wait for the processing of a court order, the more detrimental it gets on your image as it goes out further to the public.

That alone makes the option of obtaining a court order quite unreliable.

There is also the option of bringing down the ranking of the report search on search engines. This option seems to elude the limitations presented in the first option.

However, it requires a lot of work to bring down the negative publicity.

As a guide, you need to look out for the Meta description used in the negative publicity and thereafter trace the keywords used in the post.

These keywords can link the public to you or to your company online.

The major work involved after tracing the keywords is in using the same keywords to create as many positive posts as possible, in order to overshadow whatever negative opinions have been let out to tarnish your name.

These posts should be made on reputable sites to really get to the public and reviews should also be made by customers, especially with those same keywords.

This might sound like an easy option for people or companies with strong online ranking.

For most people, it will cost time and too much work to get the public’s attention deviated from the negative comments, and we already know the dangers of not acting fast.

This is where the services of come into play.

How Work?

Ripoff has a really great ranking; therefore it claims to give you a completely free springboard to meet the right professionals and experts who can help promote your brand over whatever has been said against it.

The implication of this is that within a few days, when people search those keywords used in the ripoff report against you or your company via search engines, they will get to view positive reports and comments.

Added advantage is that without even trying, you get to create a great online presence for your company. However, if a negative report was posted; with the same speed, the report would be all over search engines and your reputation ruined.

Why RipOff Report Is Threat To Your Business?

Consumers make researches about the products or services they want to acquire.

Most of them search the ripoff report before they purchase any product or service.

Any bad comment or report about a company or individual will discourage consumers from doing business with them.

Ripoff reports appear on the top of any search engine and this is a big threat to businesses.

Once you are reported on this website, your reputation is at stake because in a matter of days the report will be on the top of search engines.

Also, the cost of taking down a ripoff report has rendered many companies bankrupt. However, with you can remove any defaming report about you or your company at an affordable price.

What If Your Company Was Criticized On Ripoff Report?

Having your name tarnished on can be very devastating, reasons being that the caliber of people looking up the site on a regular basis could mean so much to the lifespan of your business.

Taking down a Ripoff Report from Google search results can be difficult, but not impossible. Just contact

Ripoff claims to have strong policies concerning protecting information submitted by its users in the site.

This can either be seen as a good thing or as a setback depending, on who looks at it and what events really transpired.

Although the site encourages users to be truthful and not use the platform as an opportunity to bring down competitors, it doesn’t go the extra mile to investigate the validity of the claims made by people on the site.

It gives dissatisfied consumers the opportunity to make anonymous posts or reviews with regards to the goods or services they received, and these posts or reviews made by consumers can neither be removed nor edited.

This notwithstanding, has laid out plan of actions it takes to protect the names of individuals or companies that have been falsely accused on the site and have strong evidence and facts to clear themselves.

There are, however, certain actions that must be taken to remove these unsupportive reports.

Firstly, you need to painstakingly go through the process of making amends with whichever consumer brought up a complaint against you on ripoff report.

If the complaints made against you or your company holds true.

Show deep concern and sympathize with the complainant, thereafter request for an opportunity to make amends for your mistakes.

You can then go ahead to give them a genuine assurance that it will never happen again.

It is of utmost importance to work on your enterprise, firm, company, business, services, and get only the best employees for excellent representation.

When this is done with, you would probably incubate plans of asking the reviewer or pissed consumer to kindly take down, otherwise edit the post(s) made against you on

You will probably be devastated to learn at this point that the original creator of this content does not hold such power.

So why did you bother going through all that stress?

A thoughtful consumer might try to take kind actions without your request and discover with shock that he or she is unable to recall or edit the post.

Again, he or she might attempt to make a follow-up post, refuting all claims in the presiding post with the best interest at heart.

Sadly, this also might not again be to the best of your interest as it raises your ranking on Google Search Result, hence bringing you to the spotlight.

A follow-up post by a once troubled consumer can also imply to the public that he or she might have been bullied or coaxed by you to make new favorable statements about your product or services, therefore you are still being left in the bad side.

Worse still, the consumer, for want of attention, could go ahead to make more negative comments about your company, stating that you attempted to get them to edit or delete their post, hence leaving you more worse off than you were.

There is a second option of submitting a rebuttal, responding to the accusations labeled against you or your company.

Being well aware that the best response to a public critic is silence, you must be very careful and subtle in your response.

Your response must be well edited and you must ensure that it doesn’t paint a wrong picture of you as you will not get the chance to edit or delete them.

Another thing that must be put into consideration is that you do not use the keywords used against you in your comments.

Do not include your business or company name in your comment because by so doing, you would indirectly assist in making Google give the page more authority.

Also, you must only visit the page in incognito mode so as not to raise the power it gets from Google.

The worse scenario could be that the reporter might get aggravated at your words and decide to outshine you by making more negative posts.

Other challenges you might stand to face if you get to submit a rebuttal is that your response does not have any effect on the Meta description used in the page.

Most people mainly just read those keywords, digest whatever idea they get there and do not bother reading through the entire page.

Your rebuttals will appear at the bottom of the post and the larger portion of the audience may not have gone that far.

This also means that the first thing that people see when those keywords are looked up would be the Ripoff Report written about you. Again, this option does not present itself as the best, so what else can be done?

The Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) of the Ripoff Report is designed by the site to help individuals who have been falsely reported to clear their names – for a huge price.

If you are successfully proven to be innocent, Ripoff will once again burst your bubble as the post cannot be taken down.

The site can only post the outcome of the investigation above the post as evidence to show that the claims made on the post are not valid and should be ignored.

The actual statement made by Ripoff Report can be misinterpreted to mean that you have successfully resolved the issue by sorting your way through.

There is yet another option offered by

It is the VIP Arbitration Program, designed to give accused individuals the opportunity to clear their names, for a price. The accused will be required to pay a sum of $2000 to the site owner. Report can only be amended if proved.

LawSuits Involving RipOff Report

Although, the legal page of Ripoff Report website stated that “No individual or organization can sue Ripoff Report simply because they only provided a speech forum” as well as the fact that “Ripoff Report has had winning streak on all the similar cases which is as a result of federal law known as Communication Decency Act or CDA, 47 U.S.C. 230.”But in contrary to this, the United States Court of Appeal for the Nine Circuit mentioned that “the CDA does not immunize Xcentric and misrepresentation contents it creates and posts.”

Case Study 1: In the year 2011, February; A defamation case was filed against Google by Dr. Janice Duffy in South Australia.

This case was against Google for supplying a defaming content gotten from Ripoff Report. In 2015, Dr. Janice continued with the defamation case presented against Google thereby permitting users in finding the content with the help of Google autocomplete function.

Dr. Janice then won the case against Google.

Case Study 2: Jarrod Sierocki in the year 2013 filed a case against a former partner and customer for making a false Ripoff Report in Queensland. Jarrod was paid a whopping sum of $287,788.00 for damages and interest. The former customer and partner were forced to accept the fact that they defamed Jarrod on the un-redactable forum of Ripoff Report.

Case Study 3: The India government in the month of July 2013, ordered for the blockage of the site to restrict accessing but the blockage got removed the following month.

Case Study 4: Yahoo! blocked the Ripoff Report after series of defamatory content complaints in the month of May 2014.

Case Study 5: In 2011, Xcentric ventures, LLC, which operates Ripoff Reports filed a lawsuit against its users and their lawyers for persecuting then in the federal district court, Phoenix. In the year 2015, the case was dismissed by the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeal.

RipOff Report And Court Orders

There are different ways of removing ripoff reports. These ways include;

  • By Court Order: The surest way of using a court order is by requesting Google to take down the defamatory report. The court order must be signed by a judge. When a court order is presented to Google, they will make sure that the report is taken down. The search result will be removed from Google but the report will still appear on the website. In order to remove the report from other search engines, you’ll have to go through the process of getting a court order again.
  • Suing the Defamer: This process is almost impossible since the identity of the poster is not known. However, if his/her identity is revealed then it would be easy to sue the person. If the case turns out in your favour, the ripoff report will be taken down. This method must be handled with caution.
  • The Ripoff Report CAP (Corporate Advocacy Program): This method is also very expensive. The Corporate Advocacy Program permits you to send a request to the website to review the report made against you. If the report is found to be false, the result of the review would be posted above the false report.
  • Ripoff Rebuttals: This means responding to the Ripoff Report. This is not usually advisable but if you run out of options, you could try this. The process of submitting a rebuttal is quite easy but this could make the report more relevant on Google search. All you have to do to submit a rebuttal by clicking on the “respond to this post” bottom on the Ripoff Report website.
  • Suppression Method: Ripoff reports can be suppressed in search results. How is this done? Very simple, with the use of very technical SEO tools to push down any Ripoff Report about you to the bottom of your search engine.

Problems Associated with RipOff Report

The Ripoff Report permits competitors to make comments or post contents and not only buyers or consumers.

This creates a platform for competitors to post defaming of false reports about their rivals.

The website also does not review posts made by its users, this has caused so many issues for individuals and businesses especially the small, upcoming businesses that do not have enough money and techniques to fight back.

There are so many testimonies of businesses that have lost both their reputation and money to Ripoff Reports.

Furthermore, it takes a lot of time and money to get a court order for a defamatory report to be taken down.

Though there’s no assurance that the post will be removed even after all this.

Users are expected to register in order to open an account on Ripoff Report.

However, the identities of these users are not verified.

This has made a lot of people to post false comments or reports about others without worrying about their identities.

RipOff Report Removal Policy

Ripoff Report website requires a court order before it considers doing something about a false report.

However, this report or complaints will not be removed but it would be stated on the site that the post has been declared false by a court, alongside the court order above the post.

There are certain court orders that this website will not accept; court order from cases where the poster did not appear in court.

Another policy enacted by Ripoff Report is the agreement to edit the names of persons or companies in a report, if the report is considered false and it results to any form of online bully and harassment.

RipOff Report Content Removal Faqs

How do I get rid of a Ripoff Report?

You can get rid of Ripoff Report from the Google, Yahoo and Bing by using RepZe’s reputation management services. RepZe provide Ripoff Report removal services from Google within 24 hours’.

Is Ripoff Report credible?

Yes, Ripoff Report is a credible source when it’s comes to online consumer advocacy website.

How do I remove a Ripoff Report from Google search results?

You can either file a lawsuits against the reporter of the post or hire the reputation management firm like RepZe. The legal way is costlier as well as time consuming and it does not guarantee to remove it off Google.

Can you delete a Ripoff Report?

No, you cannot delete Ripoff Report once filed, its clearly stated on their website that the incident reports are once submitted can not be withdrawn by the users.

How To Protect Your Online Reputation

Create a strong online reputation. Yes! That can be done if you really cares about customer satisfaction and create positive brand awareness.

This can be done by getting the trust of your customers. Once your customers trust you, they will defend and protect your reputation on social media and on any website.

Another way to protect your protection is by having a Google alert account. This account detects and notifies you on any defaming content made against you or business.

You can also pay for reputation management services. offers the service of protecting your online reputation and also helps you to take down defaming contents from any website.

Remove RipOff Report From Google Search is aimed at protecting your reputation and also helps you to take down incriminating posts against your name and brand from

With everything listed so far about the havoc that could be caused if reports are filed against you or your business on ripoff report, everyone with such an issue should not hesitate to contact RepZe LLC for their Ripoff Report deindexing services.

In addition, we remove contents like; misrepresentation, slander and Fake news, defamation by competitors, attack websites, negative reviews, complaint boards, mugshots, defaming photos, PDFs, videos and lots more from the Google Search Results and sources.

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