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Consumers face different challenges from time to time.

For them, only a few things more frustrating than using their money to purchase products that are never like what the sellers claimed.

Apart from the devastating effect on them, they would want to protect others from them.

Once they suffer a rip-off, we expect them to want to publicize their experience.

This is a logical action. Added with the perplexities they meet, they would surely say the meanest things.

Ripoff Report is one site that provides opportunities for persons to let out these frustrations.

What else do you know about this website?

If you are not familiar with the site, please look at this detailed explanation.

If you were familiar already, it would do you some good to see some intricate details here.

This would surely inform your next move.

What is

Ripoff Report is a platform that exists to reveal and publicize different categories of individuals.

They may be artisans, businesses and firms, politicians, other government officials, and many others.

They report them because they have ripped off a customer in one way or another.

With this website, duped consumers can file a report and warn unsuspecting consumers to avoid the reported party.

Thus, preventing them from doing any form of deal with the accused person or corporate body.

It is a website by consumers for consumers!

With over 2.5 million reports filed already, anyone with their name on is certain to have a soiled reputation.

One key disadvantage of the platform is that there is no way to guarantee all reports’ authenticity.

In fact, the following is an extract from the site:

“While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reports, Ripoff Report does not guarantee that all reports are authentic or accurate.”

More so, they dedicated much of the Terms and Conditions to indemnifying themselves of any misgivings that may arise from site actions.

This certainly implies that many people or businesses would have had their images stained because of false reports filed against them on the Ripoff Report.

If you find out that someone has listed your name or that of your business wrongly on, you should make a quick move.

We advise that you seek the best possible Ripoff Report removal and deindexing service.

A company like RepZe has an array of negative content removal services.

If you have been falsely accused or misrepresented, you need to contact us quickly.

Similarly, if you would like to clear your name and reputation of all wrongdoings online, we can help you take care of that.

RepZe will be able to shoulder the removal responsibility by creating a strong and positive online image for yourself and/or your company.

We also give firms, industries, and large and small-scale business enterprises the opportunity to recreate good and strong reputations for themselves.

This is paramount if they suffer a negative public reputation due to the activities of defamation sites.

We will demonstrate how this works in later sections.

Ripoff Report is globally recognized. It has played roles in ruining many individuals and companies. Countless products have also suffered the fates of their companies in the process.

A system that has made this website thrive in the anonymous posting feature.

It allows its users to post their complaints about companies and individuals without disclosing their identities.

Even though the website warns its users to make only factual reports, this is not the case for the online community.

Users post all sorts of reports – true or not.

They also attach all sorts of embarrassing photos that have caused their targets one form of emotional trauma or another.

In all these, the website does not make any extra effort to ensure that reports made by its users are accurate (as stated in their terms).

Furthermore, they publish these reports without vetting or editing them.

This has caused so many companies and individuals to lose their good reputations.

Unfortunately, this carefree posting protocol is nowhere near the daunting removal process.

Founding Father, Ed Magedson

Ed Magedson founded the site in 1998.

It has since kept to its original objective of becoming a platform for the public to air their opinions and experiences about its products or services.

Its scope covers every imaginable sector of life.

Thus, many top government officials, high-ranking businesses and firms, security agencies, state and federal governments of various countries, and many media agencies contact the site.

Besides, making a report on does not require the many verifications necessary for any site like it.

There is no need for email, identity, and phone number verifications.

We can say it is a kind of anonymous platform to report fraud.

As a result, many persons misuse the opportunity to make unverified and false reports about businesses and people.

A November 2020 analysis on the site showed that it receives about 2,000 daily visitors.

This translates to nearly 60,000 monthly visitors.

Alexa ranks it at around 62,000 at about the same time.

This would put it somewhere around the middle tier of frequently visited sites.

This is likely, given the kind of information the site peddles.

With most of its traffic coming from the United States, we are sure there might be some trouble for its listed parties in the country.

In fact, more Americans now research online views about a company before doing business.

According to a Forbes article, this can be as high as 91% in some cases.

Besides, Ripoff Report practically offers each user a mini-blog.

This way, they give them the right to make their notions available to millions of visitors worldwide.

Ripoff Report offers ad space for sale and provides opportunities for companies to pay for the investigation of any report made against them.

Ripoff Report also provides an arbitration program – a program they designed to help companies salvage their reputation.

The site initiated a new service known as Ripoff Report Verified in May 2013.

With this service, companies get the chance to protect their reputation.

They will receive an email whenever someone makes any report against them.

This way, they would have the opportunity to resolve the dispute with the complainant before the information goes out of hand.

This package costs a monthly fee.

Though these schemes seem a bit tricky, to say the least, we can help you around them. We provide more details below.

What really lies ahead for companies with Ripoff Report?

This can be a difficult situation for anyone, irrespective of the reputation they have created for themselves.

As we stated earlier, more persons now consider online views as factual and ideal.

Thus, an uneasy entanglement might turn out to be deploring.

However, it is not completely impossible to seek yourself out and make the best of whatever bad situation.

You do not have to panic, as there are many options for correcting the situation.

Obtaining a court order can help individuals and companies remove Ripoff Report posts from search engines like Google.

This could have been a perfect option but for the few outstanding limitations that accompany legal procedures.

See our exclusive article on removing posts from appearing on Google search here.

In the first place, the monetary cost of getting a court order is discouraging, especially when it involves private enterprises and individuals.

Besides, time is a major factor you should consider when dealing with a negative post on Ripoff Report.

Overlooking the power of the news media is one mistake people make when taking court actions and delays.

You need to understand that the longer you wait to process a court order, the more detrimental it is to your reputation.

Things might get out of control and out to the public.

“Why worry about a matter of which I am innocent?” You ask. We are wondering about that too, friend! We wish the public would see this side of things.

The option of obtaining a court order is quite unreliable.

There is also the option of bringing down the ranking of the report search on search engines. This option seems to elude the limitations presented in the first option.

However, it requires a lot of work to bring down the negative publicity.

As a guide, you need to look out for the Meta description used in the negative publicity and thereafter trace the keywords used in the post.

These keywords can link the public to you or your company online.

You would need an exclusive course on that. We have put much effort into helping you take care of that in this post.

The major work involved after tracing the keywords is using them to create as many positive posts as possible.

This way, you can overshadow whatever negative opinions they have let out to tarnish your name.

You can publish these posts on reputable sites to get to the public.

In addition, your clients can leave honest reviews about you with the same keywords.

This might sound like an easy option for people or companies with strong online authority.

For others, it will cost some time and much work to get the public’s attention deviated from the negative comments.

By now, we are sure you already know the dangers of not acting fast.

This is where the services of RepZe come into play.

How works? has a domain authority of 70. Hence, any report against your business on the site tends to reach a wide audience.

In the same vein, any references to the URL containing a negative report against you would likely popularize the post containing the reference.

Thus, it is only a matter of time before affiliated sites would boost the negative post.

Unfortunately, they do these without any form of verification of the information.

More so, they do not make it necessary for authors to make their details available.

While this is a security measure for the author, it is very frustrating for the victim.

The implication happens in a few days. Whenever people search these keywords used in the Ripoff Report post against you or your company via search engines, they will see a string of negative reviews.

If you were asking an experienced reputation management team like RepZe to help remove such negative content, we would take advantage of many opportunities in the ranking factors and displace the content.

It would only take a matter of days, and all the negative stuff will be out.

Why is Ripoff Report a threat to your business?

As we stated earlier, more consumers now research the products or services they want to acquire.

Since Ripoff Report has high visibility factors, search engines appear higher if someone has reported the business or person searched on the site.

Any bad comment or report about them will discourage consumers from doing business with them.

This is bad for business. Unfortunately, Ripoff Report does not care.

Once a person reports you on this website, your reputation is at stake because the report will be on the top of search engines in a matter of days.

Furthermore, the cost of taking down a Ripoff Report post has rendered many companies bankrupt.

However, with RepZe, you can remove any defaming report about you or your company at an affordable fee.

You may want to check what our clients say about us.

What happens when someone criticizes your company on Ripoff Report?

Having your name tarnished on can be very devastating. The reason is that the caliber of people looking up the site regularly could translate to so much loss for your business.

Taking down a Ripoff Report post from Google search results can be difficult, but not impossible. has some strong policies for protecting information submitted by its users on the site. In the first place, this lowers the chances of identifying the author.

If you are thinking of revenge, please cut it out. You may not find it an easy move.

However, you want to take your pound of flesh. You can just read on only that it would take you a little while and some court money.

If someone submits a report against your company, you might be able to approach them to submit a rebuttal against their claims and accept to do so, and you might stand a chance at safety.

And If they do not, you may try other means.

At least you tried.

However, if they post in anonymity, it becomes twice as difficult to correct the impression.

In this case, you cannot approach them in person. You cannot also be able to take up any legal action against them.

If you must, you would first have to approach the court for a subpoena to help you identify them from Ripoff Report – that is, if they comply in the first place.

What to do about a Ripoff Report post provides some options for victims of reports to lighten the impact of the reports.

You need to have strong evidence and facts to benefit from these services.

Contact Author

Firstly, you need to make a monetary or verbal agreement with the person who posted the report on the Ripoff Report.

Show deep concern and sympathize with the complainant.

Thereafter, request an opportunity to make amends for your mistakes.

You should also give them a genuine assurance that it will never happen again.

It is of utmost importance to format your enterprise, firm, company, business, and services to get only the best employees for excellent representation.

After doing this, you may ask the reviewer to state below the thread that you have resolved the issue.

It is improbable that they would be able to remove the content.

The site’s Terms of Service clearly state that it leaves reports for reference purposes.

By posting the reports on the site, they have granted all rights to Ripoff Report. How unfortunate!

So why did you bother going through all that stress?

Even if a thoughtful author attempts to take kind actions concerning your request, he or she may just realize that they are unable to recall or edit the post.

Again, he or she might attempt to make a follow-up post, refuting all claims in the presiding post with the best interest at heart.

Sadly, this also would not be to the best of your interest.

The reason is that it raises your visibility on search results—Howbeit, with Ripoff Report’s negative posts. Hence, the negative posts will clinch the spotlight.

A follow-up post by a once troubled consumer can imply to the public that you may be coaxing him or her to correct their posts.

This would definitely increase the negative score.

Worse still, the author, for want of hurting your reputation, could go-ahead to make more negative comments about your company.

They can falsely add that you attempted to get them to edit or delete their post.

This can leave you worse off than you were.

Post Rebuttal

Secondly, you can submit a rebuttal.

By responding to the accusations labeled against you or your company, you would be able to let readers know that you are innocent of the accusations.

Being well aware that the best response to a public critic is silence, you must be very careful and subtle in your response.

You should create a valid response and ensure that it does not paint a wrong picture of you, as you will not get the chance to edit or delete them.

Another thing you must consider is that you do not use the keywords used against you in your comments.

Do not also include your business or company name in your comment because, by so doing, you would indirectly assist in making Google give the page more authority.

In addition, you must only visit the page in incognito mode so as not to raise the power it gets from Google.

A worse scenario could be that the reporter might get aggravated at your words and decide to outshine you by making more negative posts.

Another limitation you might face if you submit a rebuttal is that your response would not affect the Meta description used on the page.

Most people just read those keywords, digest whatever idea they get there, and do not bother reading through the entire page.

Your rebuttals will appear at the bottom of the post, and the larger portion of the audience may not go that far.

This also means that the first thing that people see when they search those keywords would be the Ripoff Report post written about you.

Again, this option does not present itself as the best, so what else can you do?

Sue Author

This process is almost impossible since you may not know the author of the post.

However, if you can determine this, you would be able to sue them.

If the case turns out in your favor, Ripoff Report will attach the court order to the post.

If you must follow through with this option, you need to be careful.

Use the Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP)

Ripoff Report designed the Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP) for individuals to clear their names.

It utilizes Ripoff Report’s search engine potentials to portray individuals and businesses as positive – for a fee.

The program is more like the opposite of what the site does.

They provide high-ranking positive content for businesses, look up their site, and promote them.

It is more like a marketing exercise.

There is yet another option offered by

The VIP Arbitration Program

Ripoff Report also designed the VIP Arbitration Program to allow accused individuals to clear their names for a price.

To take part, the accused will pay the sum of $2,000 to the arbiter.

They would investigate the matter. If it turns out that the accused is innocent, they will amend the report.

Court Order

The most certain way of using a court order is by requesting Google to deindex the defamatory report page.

A judge must sign the court order too.

When you present a court order to Google, they will take down the report.

Though the page will remain on the website, a search on Google will not show it.

To remove the report from other search engines, you will have to go through the process of getting a court order again.

Suppression Method

You can suppress Ripoff Report posts in search results. “How can you do this?” You ask. Very simple.

With every technical SEO tool, you can push down any Ripoff Report about you to the bottom of search engines.

RepZe can provide such services excellently.

Lawsuits involving Ripoff Report

The legal page of the Ripoff Report website states, “No individual or organization can sue Ripoff Report simply because they only provide a speech forum.”

It also adds, “Ripoff Report has had a winning streak on all similar cases which is as a result of the Communication Decency Act or CDA 47 U.S.C. 230.”

Contrary to these, the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit mentioned, “the CDA does not immunize Xcentric (owners of Ripoff Report) from misrepresentation contents it creates and posts.”

Case Study 1: In February 2011, Dr. Janice Duffy defamation filed a case against Google in South Australia.

This case was against Google for supplying defaming content gotten from Ripoff Report.

In 2015, Dr. Janice continued with the defamation case presented against Google that allowed users to find the content with the help of the Google auto-complete function.

Dr. Janice won the case against Google.

Case Study 2: Jarrod Sierocki filed a case against a former partner and customer in 2013 for making a false Ripoff Report post in Queensland.

Jarrod received a whopping sum of $287,788.00 for damages and interest. The court compelled the former customer and partner to accept that they defamed Jarrod on the non-retractable forum of the Ripoff Report.

Case Study 3: The Indian government ordered the blockage of the site to restrict access in July 2013. They later lifted this blockage the following month.

Case Study 4: Yahoo7 Australia blocked Ripoff Report after a series of defamatory content complaints in May 2014.

Case Study 5: In 2011, Xcentric ventures LLC, which operates Ripoff Reports, filed a lawsuit against its users and lawyers to prosecute them in the Federal District Court, Phoenix. In 2015, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeal dismissed the case.

Problems associated with Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report allows competitors to make comments or post content and not only buyers or consumers.

This creates a platform for competitors to post defaming or false reports against their rivals. A practice is similar to that at

The admins do not review posts by their users, and this has caused so many issues for individuals and businesses.

It is worse for the small, upcoming businesses that do not have enough money and techniques to fight back.

There are many reports of businesses that have lost both their reputation and money to Ripoff Report scandals.

Furthermore, it takes a lot of time and money to get a court order to remove a defamatory report.

There is no assurance that they will remove the post after all of your efforts.

Though the posting process requires users to register and supply their details, there are no efforts to verify them.

This is too small a step for defaming people and their hard-earned business successes.

This has made many people post false comments or reports about others without worrying about their identities.

Ripoff Report Removal Policy

Ripoff Report requires a court order before it considers altering a false report.

However, they will not remove the post; they will state that a court has declared the post false.

They will also attach the court order at the top of the post.

There are certain court orders that this website will not accept.

They include court orders from cases where the poster did not appear in court.

Another policy enacted by Ripoff Report is the agreement to edit the names of persons or companies in a post if it is false or results in any form of online bullying and harassment.

Ripoff Report content removal FAQs

How do I get rid of a Ripoff Report?

RepZe’s reputation management services can help remove ripoff reports from the major search engines permanently.

Is Ripoff Report credible?

Yes, Ripoff Report is a credible website for online advocacy, brand awareness, and consumer review assessments.

Can you delete a Ripoff Report post?

No, you cannot delete a Ripoff Report once filed, as the site states that the reports once filed can not be withdrawn by the authors.

How do I remove a Ripoff Report from Google?

The legal way of reports removal is costlier and time-consuming. It does not guarantee removal from Google. While at other hands, the services of RepZe provide guaranteed removal services.

How to protect your online reputation

Create a strong online reputation. Yes! You can do this if you really care about customer satisfaction, positive brand awareness, and strive to get the trust of your customers.

Once your customers trust you, they will defend and protect your reputation on social media and any website.

Another way to protect your protection is by having a Google alert account. This account detects and notifies you of any defaming content made against you or your business.

You can also hire reputation management services. protects your online reputation and helps you to take down defaming content from any website.

Removing Ripoff Report post from Google Search

RepZe aims at protecting your reputation and helping you “takedown” incriminating posts against your name and brand from

With everything listed so far about the havoc caused if someone files a report against you or your business on Ripoff Report, no one with such an issue should hesitate to contact RepZe LLC for his or her Ripoff Report deindexing services.

We remove content like misrepresentation, slander and fake news, defamation by competitors, attack websites, negative reviews, complaint boards, mugshots, defaming photos, PDFs, videos, and lots more from the Google Search results and sources.

We also assist you in managing your online reputation the way you want it and provide 100% results for our guaranteed services.

Assured we respond swiftly to your needs at all times.