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Top Executive Overcomes Viral False News with the help of RepZe

A top executive at a well-renowned company was the victim of defamation on cheater websites that was quickly going viral, damaging the company’s overall reputation. RepZe intercepted to undo the damage.

Challenge and Solutions

A popular executive at a multibillion dollar firm had become the target of malicious fake cheating reports on cheater listing websites that spread like wildfire all over the internet. Due to the spread of this negative content, the executive and the company were both facing a noticeable decline in popularity.

We used our advanced content removal services to take down damaging content against the executive on cheaters reporting websites. The removal of negative and defamatory post allowed the search engine results to be altered in the favor of the executive, slowly restoring their and their company’s reputation.

Project Details

The End Result

RepZe responded quickly to this fast-growing news and took it down within a short time frame to minimize overall loss. Due to our quick response to the issue, the executive was able to quickly restore their reputation thereby reducing any future losses to their company.


RepZe took down the false news from all the websites which removed this news permanently so it quickly died down. The executive and their company were now safe from slanderous material and could grow successfully without any hindrances.


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