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RepZe saves Distressed CEO from a severe defamation scandal

The CEO of a top company was targeted in a defamation scandal by some disgruntled employees. RepZe stepped in and quickly took down all the negative content to secure their reputation.

Removal of Negative Content

Challenge and Solutions

A CEO from a top company became the victim of a large defamation scandal started by a few employees. Negative attention for the CEO had started was creating problems for the company as well and the news was quickly getting viral.


In this stressful situation, deleting this negative could be the only solution. Soon after the contract was signed, RepZe got to work on evaluating all the URLs and content needed to be removed. Complete removal was the best option and our skilled content removal team was ready to take on the challenge.

Project Details

The End Result

Such a severe and fast spreading scandal could only be stopped with a quick response and RepZe delivered instantaneous results. Within 12 hours, all the negative content was taken down from websites, employee accounts and other URLs.


Employees who had set out to defame the CEO and company failed in their efforts and the scandal died down before it even started. Due to our swift content removal services, the reputation of the CEO bounced back to its original state in no time!


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