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RepZe helps Financial Company protect reputation by removing Damaging Reviews

A prominent financial company was facing the brunt of negative reviews which decreased their overall credibility. RepZe helped remove this damaging content to put forth the thousands of positive reviews that showed their true side to the world.

Removal of Negative Content

Challenge and Solutions

A top notch financial company was faced with a few negative reviews that outranked all their positive feedback. These reviews present on a popular review site were attracting more attention that was lowering their overall credibility and public opinion.

RepZe analyzed their business reputation and came up with a strategy to restore it swiftly. Our content removal services allowed us to take down the unjust negative reviews to nip the problem in the bud. We worked in tandem with the company to elevate their positive image through our positive reputation solutions to give their reputation an extra push.

Project Details

The End Result

RepZe successfully removed all negative reviews about the company and cleared their name to provide improved search engine results. This boosted their overall reputation and the public opinion concerning their company was successfully restored.


We reinforced their positive image by leveraging the power of high quality, credible content to give them a much-needed boost. Twelve months into our all-round solution, the company still remains free of negative content and is performing better than ever before.