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In todays time, where internet is accessible to almost everyone and to every part of the world, it is impossible to ignore the negative impact of the same.

Although internet is very productive and have provided us with many amazing benefits, it does have few loopholes that is must to reconsider.

There are billions of people connected to the web at any given time from around the globe. Every post shared about someone can be accessed by all these people at once.

Can you imagine the destruction this power can make, if the post isn’t verified or true? And, it is happening to a lot of businesses and individuals.

The fact that the fake news is spicier and sensational than the legit ones, these get more views and are easily circulated among millions of people right away.

If someone likes a post, it just needs a few clicks to share it with others.

However, it takes months, years and sometimes forever to clear those scars the fake news creates for those being executed in those posts.

Either its for fun or for simply trying to create awareness, even when not verified as a ‘True News’, online visitors become a part of this bigger problem.

All these problems have created a situation where it has become completely impossible to verify each post written online. We believe without being able to differentiate about real and fake posts.

If we read about someone that seems bad, we start doubting that person.

Hence, as a business or an individual, one must take actions after finding about the fake news being circulated about them. But it is not that easy to accomplish it merely by trying to approach the website on which the review is posted.

For the same reasons, has been started. To help companies and individual fight for their right to justice, and taking off fake news from

About Cheaters.News

Started by Shawn, an internet activist wanting to put an end to the choices we make when collaborating with a scam company or fraud people, brought to life.

The website aims at bringing the bad side of the businesses and individuals who engage in cheating, over and over again.

Those wanting to warn others can post about their experiences with companies or people and make others aware of the bad intentions of others.

This is a common place and open for all.

Hence, anyone can post anything, without providing any proofs for their claims.

The website also allows to post anonymously. You can enter the post about someone without needing to disclose your identity.

In short, the website helps warn everyone out there of possible threats trying to harm them, either as businesses or individuals.

Negative Impacts of Cheaters.News

Now that you know how easy it is to post about someone online, you must understand that a lot of fake news scattered around the internet isn’t a surprise.

With anonymous posting, it becomes easier for people to sabotage the reputation of even good people, just because of jealousy or a feeling of revenge.

But is it that easy to get past that reputation damage and still being able to continue providing better services to your clients as businesses?

Even for individuals, it is impossible to get back to a normal life when something bad and untrue is posted online, especially when accessible to everyone.

Even if the post isn’t related to you and to someone you know, you may like to ensure that the fake news is taken away promptly.

You may be able to save someone from online reputation attack by intimating the person and suggesting him or her to take quick actions.

It becomes very much important to act and seek best services that can get rid of these fake posts online.

If that is all you need, you can always trust

The website aims at helping those struggling to remove posts from and haven’t been able to get a permanent solution to their problem.

Remove Post from Cheaters.News

Now, there are a few ways to do so.

When someone posts about you that is completely unfair, how can you just sit back and relax? The first thing that would come to your mind is getting rid of the post.

The good news is that it is completely possible.

If you like to refute the post by posting your side of the story, you can go ahead. But the problem with this option is that you won’t be heard more than 80 percent of the times. Those reading the fake post about you, hardly scroll to the end to read your comments.

Hence, making all your efforts ineffective.

However, there is another way to resolve this problem and the better one. What if you can remove the entire post completely? Sounds like a deal? expertise in removing posts from without any hassle. We are a team of professionals who understand the need for justice for those being attacked online. Your reputation plays a very crucial role in making your life easier.

And, no one has the right to take that away from you, without any justified reason.

Posting bad things about someone online is easy. But no one like to take responsibility of the consequences one sensational post can create, even when untrue. And, it is up to us to save us from such revengeful actions.

So, why not reach out to us for the complete information on the removal procedure and putting an end to the online attack, forever? Connect with through our email address: [email protected] or call us on: (970) 458 8143. Our team would respond right away to ensure you get your reputation back, as early as possible.

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