6 Ways To Get Removed From Defaulters.com

In a world increasingly becoming more digital by the day, it’s natural nowadays to look for and find out everything about everyone online.

Whether it’s reviews of businesses or testimonials about people, it is almost impossible to get anything done without getting that complete online picture.

That’s where websites like Defaulters.com come in to provide you with all negative reviews and testimonials for a better understanding.

However, some of them are fabricated. Just imagine what happens when an evil/bitter ex, lover/spouse, or business associate decides to get back at another by posting defamatory content on Defaulters.com after fallout?

There would be no one to prove the victim otherwise, and such content could go a long way in ruining the image of the accused person.

Many businesses lose their value and clients because of negative online reviews and comments. Also, individuals miss good job opportunities, recommendations, and other personal benefits because of false online content posted about them.

How Does Defaulters.com Work?

How do the Removal Services work? What happens next? Before that, let’s learn a little more about the website and how it works:

Defaulters.com is a website started as a free speech platform where details of unscrupulous businesses and individuals are posted. It is meant to expose cheaters, scammers, and harmful goods in the market.

The public is encouraged to send alerts published for everyone to see and come up on search engines. reports are only posted if:

  • The story is compelling and convincing
  • If the story is accompanied by a high-resolution picture or drawing that is related to the alert subject

All the reports published on the website paint an unbiased, clear picture of businesses and individuals for consumers reliance.

While most of the stories posted are accurate, the staff at Defaulters.com  do not care to verify any information gotten, which informs their future dealings with them.

The assumption is that all published contents are 100% true. In defamation cases, authors of posts are legally responsible for their words and are open to significant civil and criminal liability.

Some faqs related to the removal from Defaulters.com are answered below.

Is it possible to remove content from Defaulters.com?
Yes, It’s possible, and Repze LLC does it in less than 12 hours after receiving the signed contract.

Is it Guaranteed Removal?
Yes, It’s a Guaranteed removal service offer. If we do not remove, you do not pay.

Do you charge upfront?
No, We do not charge any upfront fees. It’s only after the successful removal from the website, Defaulters.com.

How much does it cost to remove from Defaulters.com?
Well, there is no excellent answer without checking on the actual link. Generally, it starts at 1,500$ and goes beyond 5,000$ per complaint.

Who Can Submit Content on Defaulters.com?

The Authors of the Alerts are required to create a free profile and fill out a form with their contact information, including checking a box certifying what they are posting is true; to make their report. It ensures that everyone is responsible for their posts and that the website administration is not liable for defamation.

Before being published, the website moderators go through the alerts to ensure they don’t violate any sex acts or pornography clauses. They also make sure that it is grammatically correct. Once the report is published, it cannot be taken down for any reason. However, the admin reserves the right to remove a post if it violates the site’s rules and regulations.

That is why we offer Defaulters.com Removal Service for a very affordable fee. Through Defaulters Removal, we obtain a court judgment on your behalf and a subpoena that ensures that defamatory content about you is taken down within a short period.

We do this by ensuring that the defendant has no defense. Some of the commonly used ones include:

  1. That the defendant has been given consent to/or have access to publish the information
  2. That the information is the truth
  3. That the defendant has qualified or absolute privilege
  4. That what was published is simply an opinion

Your Right To Remove From Defaulters.com

Content published on defaulters is rarely verified, leading to instances where outright lies are published.

For example, suppose you woke up one day and found that someone had posted a defamatory alert on the website against you or your business.

Is there a way for you to have the post taken down and restore your reputation? The sad answer to that is no, and it is almost impossible as an individual to get defamatory content against you taken down.

As a public-awareness website, Defaulters.com is legally protected in US Federal Law under Section 230 of The Communications Decency Act which holds harless Internet Service Providers, from unpopular or controversial content that is posted to websites by the website’s users or members.

It states that ‘No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.’

Furthermore, ‘no cause of action may be brought, and no liability may be imposed under any State or local law that is inconsistent with this section.’ Section 230 also states that ‘This federal law preempts any state laws to the contrary.’

As a 3rd party posting website, it is not regarded as the publisher of the content posted on its site by others. It is afforded immunity from liability for the words and comments posted by its users.

The Position of Defaulters on Taking Down Already Published Posts

Under FAQ, they have pre answered questions, especially about people begging, threatening, insulting, and even offering money for their posts to be taken down, all to no avail.

Some of the reasons given for not taking down posts include:

  • Since all the content on the website is created almost entirely by third parties, the website admin can’t decide what is true. They always remain a neutral third party to any disputes resulting from a post.
  • Alerts sent to the website are a matter of public record meant to inform the public and expose patterns of flawed individuals and businesses and cannot be taken down.
  • Removing alerts on request could result in authors being bullied into taking down their posts by big companies threatening to sue them, even if the information is valid.

It may be impossible to get a defamatory post taken down on request, but there are other remedies you can explore with  removal services by RepZe.

Why Defaulters.com Never Take Down  Defamatory Post?

A vast majority of the Alerts on the website are complaints about being cheated in some form or fashion.

According to them, in this way, they are a truth platform because, through the Alerts, they allow consumers to educate other consumers about potentially faulty goods, bad service, and potential scams. As a public record website, it takes information very seriously.

The website’s Terms of Service, which everyone must agree to when creating an account, clearly states that the reports cannot be removed once they are published.

That is because the information is a permanent record used by consumers to make informed decisions about individuals and products.

It is also sometimes used by law enforcement agencies when investigating the same.

The authors of the alerts must check a box certifying that what they have published is valid before being posted on the website.

Even if the Alert is inaccurate or defamatory and you can prove it, it still doesn’t warrant the destruction of public records on the website.

As a matter of policy, the website will remove any content determined to be unlawful, obscene, inappropriate, or unduly offensive and will comply with any valid/lawful court orders.

They also claim each person who submits content for publication is under the law expected to submit content that is 100% true and content that is not infringed upon by copyright.

If the content isn’t authentic or is an infringement, the post reporter can be sued for damages under US civil law. Unfortunately, you are not likely to win if you directly sue the website for libel, which is why you should use our removal services.

How Can You Get Defaulters.com To Remove Post?

There are not so many options for taking down defamatory content or at least keeping it hidden such that it will be tough to find.

Harmful content can be kept away from the public view by filing an update on the website, deindexing the content on Google, burying such content on search engines, or presenting the website directly with a subpoena or a court order.

In cases where the mistake happens, and a settlement is granted, agreed upon, org encourages authors of alerts to email the correct erroneous information, submit additional information, or explain how the circumstances have changed or otherwise resolved. That information should be updated over the original Alert.

Defaming contents can be deindexed by the Google search engine. It means that the content is removed from search results so that when the defaming content is searched for, it won’t appear on Google search results even though the content is still online.

Some people also bury the content on search engines through SEO, but this cannot solve much, especially if it was just newly posted. The chances are that it will trend for a while.

Although with SEO, you can ensure that the harmful content concerning your brand fails to appear on the first-page result of Google or other search engines through more consistent productive posts.

Online reputation companies like RepZe do this by helping you promote your positive content through well-defined SEO optimization, such that your brand and positive content can outrank the harmful website in terms of relevance on search engines.

For SEO, you can begin a blog and update often, comment on published news and articles, make sure all your social media channels and blogs are connected, and finally, post frequently on your social media channels. This technique will take some time.

The more common and perhaps more effective way of dealing with harmful content against you on org is getting a court order for them to take down the range.

That is very easy to get through defaulters.com removal services. We’ll also use Google alert so that you can know what is happening online.

Google alert is a service provided by the Google search engine that detects and notifies you of any content with your name on it.

That helps you check and be sure that no defaming content is written about you, and if there is any, you could take fast action in taking it down before it spreads.

Obtaining a Court Order. Hard Way. Long Way.

You need to secure a valid court order through a very efficient and competent defamation attorney, which is what you’ll get through Defaulters Removal.

We apply for the court order on your behalf, secure it and ensure that any defamatory posts about you or your business are taken down.

While getting a valid court order doesn’t 100% ensure that the post about you is taken down, simply because websites like defaulters are protected under the law, this is usually the first step.

With a competent lawyer that is well established in defamation cases provided for by RepZe LLC, we ensure that we help you apply for and secure a valid court order that mandates that the post be taken down as quickly as possible.

We also go through all the steps with you to ensure that it is adhered to.

Once we establish that litigation is the right course of action for you, we proceed to the next step of proving competence.

It includes a lot of substantive and procedural steps, and the plaintiff has to prove several things before he has a winning shot, including:

  • SOL (Statute of limitation)
  • Can the defendant be sued under that jurisdiction?
  • The identity of the author
  • Different laws for different locations
  • Probable Statutory counterclaims e.t.c

We will also help you utilize the DMCA takedown notice. The DMCA takedown notice is one of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act services.

The website allows its users to post pictures and videos with their alerts. Therefore, the takedown notice can be sent to the website where these videos and photos were posted without permission. However. The message should contain the following;

  • Your name and signature
  • The defaming post with pictures and videos posted without permission
  • The website on which the content was posted
  • Contact address
  • A statement shows your sincere intentions and that all the information provided on the DMCA notice is valid.

Effective Way To Get a Court Order To Remove Post

At RepZe LLC, you are assured of getting those negative posts about you taken down quickly. We also sue for damages on your behalf, especially in cases where the author is known.

We do all these at an affordable flat rate and close to a 100% success rate in internet litigations.

All you need do is contact us. We offer a free first-time consultation service, where the best options open to you can be discussed, and we can decide the most effective line of action for you.