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The Myths

The importance of having an entirely positive reputation both offline and online cannot be overemphasized.

As individuals, there are situations where we are chasing something, and a background check on reputations could ruin your dream.

For example, getting a job interview and being denied a job despite being qualified is possible.

The company conducted a background check online and found damaging information about you online.

The implication is that they would not want your lousy reputation to rub off on their business, or they might feel that you could repeat such nasty behavior you have been accused of while working in their company.

Considering that many other people are applying for the same job and limited time and resources, they might not bother asking you or delving deeper to find out if such information is accurate.

Another instance could be when you want a loan, financial assistance, or other deals.

A simple search or check on showing that you have defrauded someone of money in the past could quickly get you disqualified and discourage the company or individual from giving you the loan you wanted or doing business with you.

This is not limited to individuals, as organizations could also be victims of poor publicity on the Internet and

Many people and organizations research companies they want to do business with before proceeding.

This is because they want to avoid having bad experiences or being affected by the poor reputation of another company.

Thus, having a negative complaint published on against you or your brand could adversely affect either of you.

This article will provide detailed information about and how to remove or manage harmful content about you or your organization on the website.

What is Complaints Board? is a website on which people can post a complaint. The website is owned and operated by Mediolex Ltd. The complaint could be of various types.

For instance, it could be a case of an individual who felt cheated by someone else, especially when carrying out a business on the Internet.

He can quickly post about his experience with the seller and how he was cheated.

It could be that he paid for a product that was not delivered, a substandard product was born, or an effect entirely different from what he ordered was provided.

This could also be a  case of patronizing an organization that did not deliver a product or providing a substandard product.

Complaints about patronizing organizations such as restaurants that were not adequately attended could also be published.

It could also be that the staffs were unfriendly, the customer care was not professional, or the quality of products and services was inferior. provides a platform where individuals or organizations can air such complaints and ensure that others do not fall the victim as they have.

How Does Complaints Board Work? is a forum where people can post and reply to such complaints. However, the complainant must be registered on the platform before posting a complaint.

Suppose you feel that you have been cheated or have a complaint about an individual, organization, or product that can benefit other people. In that case, you can visit the website, register (if you are not a registered member), and then post your complaint.

Other people looking for information about an individual or organization before patronizing them can visit They will find the complaint you or others have made about such an individual or organization.

If there is none, it can give the prospective customer more confidence to patronize the store.

Many people also learn about through search engines when looking for complaints or bad reviews about a company or organization before patronizing them.

Posts about such individuals and organizations could appear on the search engine page.

The prospective buyer can subsequently click on the link to take them to the complaint page on

There, they will read the full complaint about the individual or organization.

Is it possible to remove content from
Yes, It’s possible, and Repze does that in less than 12 hours after receiving the signed contract.

Is it Guaranteed Removal?
Yes, It’s a Guaranteed removal service offer. If we do not remove it, you do not pay.

Do you charge upfront?
No, We do not charge any upfront fees only after the successful removal from

How much does it cost to remove from
Well, there is no excellent answer without checking on the actual link. Generally, it starts at 1,500$ and goes beyond 5,000$ per complaint.

Fill out the form below for the cheapest removal pricing and instant removal timeline. We will not charge you a penny if we don’t remove your post within 48 hours.

    Why was established to help people share negative experiences with individuals or organizations.

    Thus, if you feel you have been cheated or maltreated by the owner or staff of any particular company or organization, you can easily visit and lay a complaint.

    Even though it is easy for many people to see the site as a place to get revenge against companies or individuals that have wronged them.

    There they can upload posts to tarnish the image of such an organization. Unfortunately, this is not the real reason the website was set up.

    The website was aimed at helping people and organizations instead of destroying them.

    If you have just had an unfortunate incident with someone else or another organization, you don’t want any other person or organization to suffer the same.

    You could help other people and organizations in this way by leaving information about such experiences so that other people can learn from such mistakes.

    Who Submits Reviews & Complaints to Complaints Board?

    Virtually anybody can post information on

    The only requirement is that the person has an account with the platform.

    Considering that the account can be opened for free, anybody with access to the Internet can post on the platform.

    However, three major groups of people often post on the platform. These groups of people include:

    People who were Genuinely Wronged:

    This group entails individuals that have tried to carry out a particular business deal with other people. However, in the process, some problems developed.

    It could range from paying for a service and the individual or organization behind that service did not deliver. In other cases, it could be that the product or service was not up to the expected standard.

    They subsequently complain about the platform either because they want to punish the individual or organization for receiving payments without delivering the agreed service or because they want to warn others to beware of doing business with such individuals or firms for their excellence.

    People who want to Tarnish the image of an Organization or Someone Else:

    Another group of people that post on is people who want to tarnish the image of another person.

    For instance, they had a personal fight that did not involve any business ordeal.

    This could be with a person who owns a business.

    Since they couldn’t get back at the person during the one-on-one fight or were unsatisfied with the overall outcome of the battle, they wanted to punish the person even more.

    They could spin up a false tale and put it on the platform about the individual or his business, hoping that such information could further have adverse effects on the company or personality of the person.

    People who were Paid to bring down other Organizations or Individuals:

    The business world is callous, with every business competing for customers and trying to make as many sales as possible.

    Furthermore, there is the obvious fact that more companies are being established regularly doing business that several other firms in the area are already doing.

    They might decide to play dirty by using any means possible to tarnish a competitor’s image.

    In line with this, they could employ staff, pay people, or visit the platform and post false complaints against their competitors.

    That way, they believe that some of the customers or prospective customers of their competition might see such posts, change their minds about patronizing the defamed brand, and subsequently patronize them.

    People who want Compensation and Blackmailers:

    Another group of people who post on is those who want compensation or blackmailers. In this case, it is often a scenario where the event happened, and they probably have proof.

    They could post it, hoping the organization or individual will see it and contact them to remove it.

    They could subsequently request compensation from the organization for doing the right thing or soliciting money or something else to remove the defamatory post.

    Disgruntled Employees:

    An organization could have a disgruntled employee in its hands in several ways.

    Prominent among such ways are when they have to lay off staff, punish staff for doing something rightfully or wrongfully, or refuse to increase their payment.

    When these situations arise, the employee might decide to conduct actions that harm the company.

    They could subsequently post their experience with the company on

    In other cases, they might also leave out some hostile company policies and information not directly related to their issue with the company but that they have been privy to as a staff that had worked within the organization.

    Thus, they might go all the way to give every piece of information they know that could tarnish the company’s reputation.

    It is worth noting that this is against the website’s principles and terms.

    However, since no proof is requested at the point of posting, there is no way for the platform to verify if the story is true, false, or exaggerated. Complaints, no matter the authenticity, find their way onto the platform.

    Your Right To Take Down Complaints Board Post

    Generally, taking down any defamatory information from the Internet can be challenging.

    AA’s prevalent phrase in circulation states that “the internet never forgets.”

    Many platforms where content can be posted by anybody on the Internet transfer the liability for posts to the poster.

    Thus, you cannot hold the website responsible for the content on its website.

    Furthermore, you cannot get them to remove the content, simply on request, especially on top-rated websites.

    If they allow easy content removal, people who come to the platform for proof might begin to doubt its authenticity. They might also start to receive many such requests and require a lot of time to take down any of those contents.

    Furthermore, there is the issue of people not wanting to use that platform anymore since they will believe that there is a high possibility that whatever content they have spent their time and resources to post could be removed for little to no reason.

    Fourthly, it might also go against what they represent.

    The right for everybody to post whatever information they want and correctly inform people about the bad parts of individuals and organizations.

    A site like, where all posted on the platform are complaints against people or individuals, will likely have requests for almost every post on the forum to be removed, so requesting it doesn’t just grant your wish.

    Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you can’t take down defamatory information posted about you on the platform.

    Complaints Board Stand On Removal

    The position of on taking down published posts is stringent.

    On the one part, it is impossible to sue the platform because, like most forums, they transfer the responsibility of posts to the person who posted them.

    The implication is that if you must take legal action due to the information posted, you can only take such action against the person who posts what.

    With the anonymity the Internet represents and a person posting false information who will most likely take measures to remain as anonymous as possible, finding them and bringing them to book could be challenging.

    This also means that confirming the authenticity of a post to effect removal could be difficult or nearly impossible.

    Considering they do not have to be bothered about any legal implications or other actions, they hardly ever remove any defamatory information posted on their forum.

    There is a significant opportunity to explore getting to remove any defamatory information against you from their platform.

    Removal of Defamatory Post From Complaints Board

    Here are several ways you could try and test to remove harmful content from the site.

    Ask the User to Remove it:

    The easiest way to take down a defamatory post against you from is to contact the person who posted the report to remove it. It is possible for the users who posted information to review, edit and delete such posts.

    As a result, if you can convince them, they might decide to remove the information.

    If you genuinely wronged them, they might demand restitution, like refunding their money, providing the product or service they requested, or paying a fine before removing the information.

    If you agree with the member who posted the complaint, they might remove the information from their platform.


    In most cases, this option might not work as can’t review every message posted on the board by users.

    However, when you contact them and convince them that the information is false, they might remove it.

    You might also get a better advantage by showing any proof of a threat to property or physical violence, obscenities, and profanity in the complaint.

    If you can convince them, they might remove such posts.

    However, there is no 100% assurance that they will remove the post just because you asked nicely.

    Legal Means:

    The only way you can get to take off any defamatory post against you is by getting a court order in line with that.

    This would imply getting a lawyer and applying to the court that you want a piece of defamatory information against you taken down from the platform.

    You might have to prove that the information is defamatory.

    This will entail showing proof that such an event never occurred. Since it might be challenging to find the complainant, this could be in your favor.

    However, you and your staff could be questioned to ensure that such an event never occurred.

    Once the court is convinced, based on the argument of your lawyer and your proof of innocence, you will be able to get a court order directing the website to remove the defamatory post.

    Once that has been accomplished, you can use the contact us feature or other means of contacting the website to remove such information, along with a copy of the court order.

    You might need to scan and upload the order to them or their email.

    Once they receive such an order, they know they will have no choice but to obey the court order and remove the information.

    This is because even though you cannot hold them liable for the information, they could be held responsible for disobeying a court order.

    Reputation Management Companies:

    Reputation Management Companies such as RepZe LLC can help remove negative information about you from

    They also help reduce the damage caused by putting positive information about you or your company on websites to rank high when people search online for you or your business.

    Alternatives For You

    If you cannot get a court order or too long a process for you to follow, you can explore several other ways to minimize how many of these complaints other people see significantly. Some of your other alternatives include:

    Replying to the Post:

    Your organization could register on the platform and create a reply to the user’s post if you were unsuccessful with having it deleted.

    You could give your version of what happened or state that it never happened if it didn’t happen. You can subsequently support this with proof and evidence if possible.

    Doing so could also result in another response from the member who posted it, who might also post his evidence if he has.

    However, considering that you can reply to a post, you can give your story version. With this, anybody who reads the complaint will see your side of the story.

    The chances are that your reply will be sufficient to show that the person who posted the defamatory information posted a wrong or misleading piece of information, exaggerated what happened, or posted what never happened.

    Where it happened, you can convince some of them that you were within your right and did not do anything wrong.

    Flooding Search Engines with Positive SEO:

    Since most people who want to find out about you are most likely doing so through search engines, you can employ an SEO company to create several posts that talk about your good part or those of your business.

    Once they can write such content and place it on websites that rank high on Google, you might not bother much about many people having to see negative posts about you.

    People searching for you, or your company will only find positive information about you or your company on the first few pages.

    Since most people only read the first page of search engine results and only very few go past the second page, few will see the negative information on search engines.

    Right to Forget:

    The right to forget is another option that can help you remove false information from search engines, especially Google and Bing, which are the most popular ones.

    The right to forget allows an individual to report specific links to web pages to the search engine that they should never display on their search engine.

    Some countries have legal laws backing this feature, especially the European Union.

    You could directly contact the website or use other companies that offer such a service. They will be able to report the links to search engines.

    The search engines will subsequently remove those links permanently from their database. Nobody will see those complaints on search engines unless they directly go to the website or a link to the page was now sent to them.

    Early Conclusion On Complaints Board

    Having a piece of wrong information on the Internet could go a long way to destabilize or negatively affect an individual or organization.

    The implication is that anybody attempting to look for information about a particular organization or person on search engines or the website where it is posted could come across the message. is a website where anyone can post negative information about a person or organization without fact-checking.

    Unlike most other reviews and feedback websites, positive and negative information about a person or organization is posted, while only complaints and negative information can be posted on

    Once you find out one way or another that a piece of negative information has been posted about you on, you will want to look for ways to remove such information from the website.

    However, the fact that a website could absolve itself from the content on its website and put such responsibility on the person posted has made it possible to achieve that.

    They cannot be held responsible for such information or forced to remove it.

    Fortunately, getting a court order to force them to remove such information is possible.

    Another way to get such defamatory content removed from is by contacting the person who posted it and appealing to them to remove it.

    There is also the option of giving your perspective of what happened directly under the post so that other people can also get your part of the story and judge accordingly on who is right or wrong instead of just one view. Removal Services services can help you remove mugshots, complaints, civil legal documents, articles and blogs, negative reviews, attack websites, defamation by competitors, fake news and slander, misrepresentation, and other information to remove from any website.

    You can reach RepZe through the address: [email protected] & phone number (970) 458 8143. Based on our antecedents of 100% success, such information will be off to the Internet within 24 hours.