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Humans are created to live as social beings, and thus, we need each other at various levels.

These various relationships include family, friends, colleagues, and lovers, among others.

Out of all of these relationships, lovers are supposed to be the closest because they share the most intimate bond and the prospects of procreating.

This explains why it can be challenging to leave the relationship, especially for no reason. There is a very high probability that the person might repeat the same thing with other unsuspecting ladies or guys.

As a way of contributing your quota to humanity, you might want to warn off other innocent, unsuspecting individuals who might be looking for a serious relationship to beware of such individuals.

To achieve this, you can create a post on

Why Do People Post on

The primary reason for the establishment of is that people who felt cheated in a relationship can have an avenue to warn others to stay away from their ex if they value their hearts.

The issues discussed on the platform include people who have left their spouses for no reason, cheating spouses, and spouses who duped their partners and ran away with their money, among others.

Those who know about the platform sometimes try to check out the name of a prospective date before they commit themselves. However, some people are the problems in a relationship.

After the other person left to save their life, they would want to destroy the other person as a result of their hostile attitude. Such a person may also decide to post on and target the content towards tarnishing the image of their ex.

Refrain From Posting Rebuttal On

If you find out that information about you has been posted on, it is possible to get such content deleted from the platform.

However, this could be a difficult path, and any wrong action you take might worsen the issue.

You should avoid making trouble on the website or issuing threats.

The instance you do this, the website will immediately store such threats, and it would become impossible for you to clear your name from the website.

Any initial threat or insults you have used on the platform would be used against you in any court.

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    Using to remove Negative Content Posted about You on

    The best thing to do will be to immediately contact, which you can confirm on the removal page of

    RepZe will help you start an arbitration process where representatives from will liaise with representatives from ScamPulse to convince them to remove the content.

    Considering the experience and relationship with, you can be sure that the content would be permanently removed within a few days, compared to hiring an attorney that might take a month or even a year.

    In the case of doing it yourself, you could end up worsening issues to the extent nobody will be able to help you, or the charges will go up significantly.