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Dirtyscam.com Post Removal Services From Dirty Scam

Are you worried about how Dirtyscam.com Removal Works? How you can get removed and How much does it Cost? Than you have come to the right place.

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What is All About Dirtyscam?

Dirtyscam.com aims at protecting the interest of consumers. It does this by providing a platform to expose fraudulent businesses to the public.

It helps inform the public about the recent defrauding means within the business world.

The web page aims to alert the public and challenge fraudulent companies.

Despite the honorable objective of this website, it is no longer news that some people misuse this opportunity and use it to slander innocent companies, thereby ruining the respected name of that particular business or individual.

Dirtyscam.com has become the largest and most famous of its kind, risking business reputation in a false allegation.

A dirty scam is regarded as one of the successful consumer advocacy websites in the market.

According to the last year’s statistics, the website had over 43,000 followers in a month.

One of the fantastic success stories of this website is that Google’s search engine highly recognizes it.

Another advantage of this website is that it has helped many displeased consumers put forth their experience while alerting the public about the wrong companies and preventing others from getting into the same trap.

Like every good thing has its disadvantages, this website also has its own.

There is no pre-assessment for posts made by the users. Hence, it fails at checking the authenticity of each post.

Therefore, to protect your company or business, you have to be very vigilant at all times.

However, please be rest assured that this website has not been started with an evil intention.

Neither is it meant to be a risk or menace to your business if you are sincere.

But users who report false cases threaten this society and your business. These users are termed, slanderers or defamers.

Some Frequently asked questions about Dirty Scam Removal Services are explained below.

Is it possible to remove content from Dirtyscam?
Yes, It’s possible, and Repze LLC does that in less than 12 hours after receiving the signed contract.

Is it Guaranteed Removal?
Yes, It’s a Guaranteed removal service offer. We provide a lifetime removal guarantee in case of content reposting. If we do not remove, you do not pay.

Do you charge upfront fees?
No, We do not charge any upfront fees. It’s only after the successful removal from the website, Dirtyscam.com.

How much does it cost to remove from Dirtyscam.com?
Well, there is no excellent answer without checking on the actual link. Generally, it starts at 1,500$ and goes beyond 5,000$ per complaint.

About Fake Posters: Defamation & Slander

Those who make a fake post about companies are generally defamers, slanderers, or libelers.

These individuals go a long way in ruining your and your company’s name by making false comments or content about you and your company.

When these contents are published on a famous platform like dirtyscam.com, it can pose serious problems.

Destroying company property and rights is utterly different from destroying its reputation.

So using a word like disparaged is a wrong choice of word in describing persons who make a false post about a business.

Fake posts/reports/reviews/alerts made against you and your business can be taken off the website. All you have to do is read down and then contact us to help you take down such posts immediately.

Fill out the form below to get the cheapest removal pricing and instant removal timeline. If we don’t remove your post within 12 hours, we will not charge a penny.

    Risk: How Dirty Scam Post Can Ruin Business

    Statistics show that almost 80 percent of consumers rely on online ratings before purchasing a product or service.

    A large percentage of internet users have a flair for surfing the net for information on companies, services, and products.

    Approximately 86 percent of young and middle-aged persons surfs the internet for updates on business and products. 41 percent of older persons between 55 and above also surf online to check updates on companies and products.

    Furthermore, because of the website’s popularity and recognition by Google’s search engine, the top search result about a company or business is usually posted on the dirty scam website.

    Without explaining what this means, it was evident that any implicating information about you and your business on the internet will limit your number of consumers, if not completely ruin you.

    Certain businesses must be cautious as they are likely to be searched by consumers.

    Consumers of these businesses rely very much on online ratings and reviews.

    These companies are hotels, automobile services, restaurants, grocery shops, and medical services.

    So if your line of business includes any of the companies mentioned, then you have to be extra careful and watchful of this website.

    You can do for yourself to set an unbreakable standard for your brand. Get the trust of your consumers, which might save you in trying times.

    You can also create a Google alert account.

    That could help you take down any incriminating post against your company on time.

    Damage: Your Business Slandered

    Apart from that, your consumers will drastically reduce, you tend to lose so much more. Below are some of the things you tend to lose;

    • Loss of future associate; no business is ready to partner with a fraudster; at least that’s how you’ll be seen after the dirtyscam report. You will lose promising business partners.
    • You will be refused so many job opportunities; of course, nobody wants the trouble of working with a fraudster.
    • Social media will carry negative publicity about your business.
    • Your name, not just your business, will be dragged to the mud.

    How To Take Down Defamatory Post Off Dirty Scam

    There are some essential things you need to know to achieve this. Dirtyscam.com has a very high standard for taking down posts made on its site (Dirtyscam.com removal); this could be discouraging but knowing what to do and how to go about it makes it a lot easier.

    There are three ways of going about it, these include;

    1. Passing through the court, you can get help from the court. However, written consent, signed by the judge, is required. When this is done, Google will take responsibility for ensuring that the post is taken down.

    2. Use the DMCA measures; this looks a lot easier and more convenient. To remove the post with the help of the DMCA, all you need is your name and signature, the implicating post made with the website it was posted on, and your contact address. One can effectively use the DMCA approach when pictures or videos of you or your business are made against your wish or without your permission. However, if this approach is not conducted correctly, you could have issues in court. That is why you must get yourself a very reliable and skillful lawyer for this case.

    3. Summon the slanderer to court; this can be done with a subpoena. A subpoena is sent to the unknown slanderer, which lets you know who the defamer is. When the person appears in court, it’s easier to assess the case and eventually take down the incriminating post against your business. This method must be done with precautions. We can, however, recommend good lawyers for your court case at Repze.com.

    RepZe.com is here to help you prevents all these. Your welfare is our concern, that is why we provide you with the best reputation management and we open these secrets about websites like dirtyscam.com for your knowledge and benefit.

    Note Before Removal From Dirty Scam

    1. Be sure that it is not a fact; the truth will always have a way of fighting against you. It is vital to ensure that the post made against you is not valid before you request it be taken down.
    2. Rights of the defamer; some persons have the right to make slandering post for specific reasons. Therefore, call a skillful lawyer to find out if your slanderer has the right to do so, and further action will be taken from there.
    3. Always have the Communication Decency Act, section 230 in mind. These acts guards websites against posts made by other individuals. Except for rare cases, websites cannot take down any content they did not post.
    4. It is also important to note that approving publications, whether incriminating or not, is almost impossible to take back such approvals. Therefore, stop giving unnecessary permission to individuals or cooperatives to make statements about your business.

    Problems Associated with Dirty Scam

    1. Contents are not vetted and approved before publication; this website is a serious cause of worry to many individuals and businesses’ online credit. The website is not allowed to crosscheck any content posted by its users, nor is it allowed to take any content down slandering posts against persons or companies. This restriction is under the CDA, section 230. Also, the dirty scam website allows its operators to add pictures or videos of the businesses or individuals they are referring to as fraudsters.
    2. Standard procedures on taking down content; you ultimately need a legal advisor to take down any defamatory comments or posts made against you. This is not very easy for an ordinary individual or an upcoming business. However, a Dirty scam is equal to the task of defending themselves at all costs. Also, users find it hard to take down their content from this site and any other fraud reporting websites. Mistakes made here are too expensive and could even cost the life and reputation of any business or individual.
    3. Unknown users; anybody is free to register on dirtyscam.com without providing any legit detail about himself. For this reason, anybody can post anything without worrying about his identity. Slandered individuals or companies are left with the difficult task of finding their defamers. Of course, how do you find somebody without any information about the person?

    You need to know that:

    • You need to watch out for certain damages when you have been defamed. The common types are termed presumed damages, exemplary damages, special damages, and actual damages. The presumed damages are the expected type of damages. There are some damages in which no proof of harm is needed, and this type of damage can be seen in cases of defamation alone. The special damages occur in claims of slander regarding external conditions. In contrast, exemplary and actual damages arise in cases where the offender behaves outrageously.
    • Most sites and platforms where fraudsters are reported are similar to the UGC platform, where users can publish content without proper supervision. These online platforms have open opportunities for slanderers.

    Dirty Scam Removal, Instantly 

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    For these reasons, Repze.com is aimed at protecting your reputation and also helps you to take down incriminating posts against your name and brand.

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