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Are you worried about How Removal Works? How to get Removed From scamion? How much does removal cost? Then you have come to the right place.

Every week, new videos, pictures, or events pop up trends all over the net. Social media platforms are the ready custodian of such information.

However, some people, under the guise of telling the sharing information, splatter people’s private affairs with little or no element of truth. Sometimes, because they are trying to gather traffic to their sites.

Usually, we read for the fun of it or pity these victims until we’re victims ourselves. One of the many such websites is

On, defamatory content is posted regarding people, companies, organizations, or events based on messages sent in by random persons who claim to be reviewing a product or reporting an incident.

These messages are then posted directly on the website without attestation or verification. It is usually a one-sided story. It is for reputation protection that Removal Services was created.

It is possible to get any defamatory post taken down through this platform.

How does work? is a website where you can post information or messages concerning bad experiences with people or negative reviews on products.

Also, the customer services of different organizations are reviewed there. Ordinarily, this would seem to be an honest and easy way of getting feedback or opinions on products before you buy them, especially since it’s an independent site and incentives are not attached. However, this is not the case.

Uncorroborated stories and incidences are uploaded on the website for readers to access. The real issues here lie with the persons who run the website and how it is operated.

All you need to put up a “scam” is to type in your complaint on the home page.

They do not request any form of validation or authentication. These opinions are posted directly on the site for all and sundry to read.

There is no vetting process, and this is so obvious that the content uploaded is filled with grammatical errors and blunders.

Some of the posts uploaded on the website include:

  1. Defamatory and malicious content aimed at ridiculing people or events.
  2. Personalized attacks on people or politicians.
  3. False accusations against individuals and companies.
  4. Content aimed at shaming people or products.
  5. Scandalous information is directed at tarnishing the image and reputation of people without any attestation.

The Terms of Use as provided at the bottom of the homepage of only provides for correspondence regarding copyright infringement.

This means that you can register complaints, but the complaints will only be considered if the content in question infringes with your copyrights.

The only ground on which they may consider taking a post down is if it is not original.

As long as the information looks catchy enough to get people reading and posting comments, the operators of are unbothered by whatever consequences or adverse effects these posts may have on the lives and businesses of the people involved.

Defamatory information has a way of disrupting a person’s life. Everyone can testify to how horrible and uncomfortable it usually is when a rumor concerning them circulates, regardless of how minor it is.

Now imagine, on a large scale, how many customers a food company will lose because somebody sent a message on how harmful or unhygienic their services were and the failure of to authenticate such information before putting it on the internet for the world to see.

Usually, the full details of the subject of a scam are uploaded. If it is a person, their names, addresses, and sometimes occupations are all stated while the person’s identity dropping the report is kept hidden.

While it may be true that the writer’s anonymity might be necessary for his safety, especially in cases where the scam victim may attempt revenge, it is also unfair.

And no one is interested in knowing the consequences of defamatory statements in victims’ lives.

The danger here does not lie in that negative information is posted but is not verified or confirmed.

Anyone can make up stories or events to shame or ridicule a person.

People have lost their jobs or business and faced cyberbullying and worse due to some of these false accusations.

Who can submit content on

Anyone can submit content on They have no policies regarding the age or status of the person or persons qualified to send a post.

To have your content uploaded, you have to fill the provided spaces with the details of the company you intend to report, such as its name and address.

Then you type in your complaints or dissatisfaction and the details of the supposed scam. Once that is done, and you press ‘Submit Report,’ it gets sent. If they consider your content juicy enough, they will upload it directly to the website.

Is it possible to remove content from
Yes, It’s possible, and Repze LLC does it in less than 12 hours after receiving the signed contract.

Is it Guaranteed Removal?
Yes, It’s a Guaranteed removal service offer. If we do not remove, you do not pay.

Do you charge upfront?
No, We do not charge any upfront fees. It’s only after the successful removal from the website

How much does it cost to remove from
Well, there is no excellent answer without checking on the actual link. Generally, it starts at 1,500$ and goes beyond 5,000$ per complaint.

What is defamatory content, and What are its effects?

Defamation is a false statement presented as accurate, which causes injury to the person’s reputation against whom the defamation is made.

They are usually published or sent out to third parties to read or access. When such untrue and damaging statements are made orally, they are called slander.

Where they are in writing, they are called libel. Defamatory statements are usually about people’s bad things or things they failed to do in exaggerated manners.

Several websites hide under the guise of uploading objective criticism and reviews about products or services to defame organizations or individuals.

Published Defamatory statements can have the following effects

  1. Loss of customers

No matter how inconsequential the detail seems, defamatory statements will create negative publicity for your business and brand. People who are oblivious to the truth will believe the lies and relate to your business in that light. Prospective customers will stay away and advise others to do so. Likewise, investors or existing clients will refrain from transacting business with you.

  1. Cyberbullying

Scandals and rumors usually trend for a while when they are posted online. People make various mean and nasty comments regarding the victims of such scandals or defamatory content. This can affect social relations and make a person socially awkward.

  1. Psychological distress

Having bad news about you splattered all over the internet can be devastating and depressing. Some of these websites, such as “name and shame,” “,” and a host of others, post scandalous videos and pictures. It is common to have one’s mental health disturbed by such an occurrence.

Why You have the right to Request that Defamatory Content Published against you be taken down

It is not strange that people’s lives are affected and sometimes disrupted by these activities. Businesses do not thrive on just quality service or effective campaigns and advertisements but also public opinion and feedback.

Information published on the net can reach anyone anywhere in the world. So nobody will purchase your products or patronize your services if all the information about you and your brand is incompetence and fraudulence. I once read defamatory content about a Priest on

It was an attempt to tarnish his image as the story told was neither coherent nor plausible. The sad part is that the full details of the man in question were uploaded, and the supposed victim remained anonymous. makes it optional for anyone to put in any means of identification before their ‘scam’ is uploaded. The page initially requests scams or reports of fraudulent activity by companies.

Hence, they put people’s personal lives in the mix while reviewing their products is nasty and unwarranted.

Our job at is to make sure that defamatory content regarding you or your business is taken down as soon as possible and help you restore your shattered dignity.

You have a legal right to request that any defamatory information published regarding you or your person be taken down at your request. This means that if puts up a post whose content defames you, you can request that it be removed.

The United States of America constitution provides that everyone is entitled to their privacy and is protected by the law.

This right to privacy offers protection to all Citizens of America to live quietly without disturbance or condemnation from others. Putting up defamatory information is a breach of that right, and you can insist on having such posts deleted.

The position of Scamion on taking down contents does not make any statements or declarations on regulating the posts they put up. There are no disclaimers regarding the truth or extent of the authenticity of the scams.

Their terms of use state that posts may be taken down if they qualify as copyright infringement.

This means that your complaints are only valid if the post is a copy of your creation, e.g., a book or published concept.

This is vague and inconsequential as reviews and recounted experiences do not come under copyright matters. The prominent issue here is defamation, and has failed to address it in its Terms of service.

Why scamion never takes down defamatory posts

Scamion does not require registration or sign-ups. So, anyone can post any report or review without substantiating such facts with proof.

Since a person can post a scam without inputting personal information, scamion can not easily keep track of the posts and properly verify claims.

Their Terms of Use which is simply a copy of the provisions of the DCMA, do not make any provisions regarding the defamatory status of individual posts.

This means that they are not under any obligations to take down your post except it is a copyright infringement as per the Terms of Use.

Can take down harmful content?

It is pretty challenging to get websites of this kind to take down posts for whatever reason. only offers to take down the defamatory content that happens to have an element of copyright infringement.

According to their terms of use, the format of notification for such infringement will require the following:

(a) You need an electronic or a physical signature belonging to you or someone who is legally allowed to do so on your behalf(an agent);

(b) Produce a copy of the article or content that was plagiarized or infringed. If the same site plagiarizes several of your works, you can send one notification containing a comprehensive list of the copyrighted works put up on the website.

(c) Identify the content or article that is alleged to have violated your copyrights or that is the purpose of the activity, which you want to be deleted. If you desire that access to such information be barred, provide adequate data that can help and direct the service provider to find such content.

(d) provide information about your identity, and such information will enable to contact you, for instance, a mailing address and an active telephone number. Providing an electronic emailing address is optional.

(e) A declaration (statement) that you have reasonably and honestly believed that the subject of the copyright in question had been used in a manner inconsistent with the rights of the copyright owner or a  representative of such person.

(f) A declaration (statement) that the details of your report are accurate and that you, without fear of prosecution for perjury, are indeed legally permitted to exercise the copyright of the owner of the material in question to which a claim of infringement is made.

For defamatory content, in particular, you can either seek leave of to remove the content or obtain a court order, or seek the services of a reputable company like

Concerning appealing to to remove the defamatory content, you may not make much headway because they are not under any obligations to oblige your request.

However, you can appeal to the person who posted the scam and plead with them to have it removed. This is maybe hard to accomplish if the specifics of the story or event do not register a specific person in your mind.

Finding the person who wrote in the scam may be hard for business owners.

The posts could be an attempt from spiteful competitors or random people, and since does not have the necessary personal information from the person posting a message, it may be hard to find them.

You can try to appeal directly to, but it is a long stretch, and the time wasted in correspondence will only allow more damage to your reputation or your business.

The other two options will be discussed subsequently.

Why you should consider repze’s removal services

When defamatory content is posted online, it trends and spreads for a while. The most important thing is getting the post deleted or publishing the truth to counter it.

For businesses, in particular, time is of the essence. You want to get the bad reviews off as quickly as possible and limit the number of customers who see it to the barest minimum.

The urgency it requires is why burying defamatory content with SEO is not advisable. It is best to get a court order demanding that the post be taken down immediately.

Getting a court order can be a stressful and prolonged procedure if you do not know-how.

You need to employ the services of an efficient and competent professional, usually a defamation lawyer familiar with such processes.

You can get those nasty details removed with a valid court order in hand.

Defamatory content does not have to be entirely untrue.

It may be an exaggeration and partial telling of an actual event.

So if the incident has happened, but it was told exaggeratedly that it had had devastating effects on your business or otherwise, you are eligible for these remedies.

Generally, most people never have to be in court throughout their lifetime except on criminal or civil matters, such as divorce.

So, getting proper representation to take down defamatory content can be pretty daunting.

This is why was created. Repze has a 98% success rate at getting defamatory content removed for people. Rather than waste time and risk having more damage done, you should contact Repze for faster and effective services.

At RepZe, we are a team of dedicated professionals to bring back the reputation you have lost because of inconsiderate websites such as, as discussed above.

Our sole aim is to empower victims of these defamatory websites and the businesses put in jeopardy due to their recklessness.

RepZe was founded on good reputation management and the protection of digital privacy.

Our diverse services are targeted at upgrading your reputation and meeting the needs of your business by exercising the skill and knowledge we have gained from experience.

Client satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to helping you recover your reputation and prevent any recurrences.

Our featured services are:

  1. Reputation Management –

Online visibility is the game’s name, and competition amongst brands is significantly high on the internet. With the fast build-up comes rapid downward progress.

Even reputations that have been established over time can be tainted in an instant through negative reviews or libelous comments. At, we provide reputation management to avoid this hell hole.

This offer is a complete solution that provides protection, monitoring, and management to build and maintain a positive online and offline image.

Through this particular service, you can build a long-term, sustainable strategy to showcase the best parts of your business.

  1. Online reputation protection –

This is another essential advantage that you should avail yourself your business. It is a long-term strategy put together by to combat attacks, build immunity, and establish a sound image for your brand digitally.

Our team works hard to protect your online reputation and secure it from imminent threats while enabling it with an unbeatable digital presence.

  1. Content Removal –

Whether they are bad reviews or harmful comments, they aren’t trivialized. Slight or inconsequential as it may seem, it can affect your business in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, it’s forever there once it is published, available for everybody to see and share. If ten people share a single lousy comment or rating, that’s as good as ten nasty comments.

Imagine how fast people could get hold of this information. They will share and multiply dangerously before you know it. At Repze, we forestall such eventualities and ensure that they do not happen.

Examples of the contents we remove are the following:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Slander and Fake news
  • Defamation by Competitors
  • Attack websites
  • Negative Reviews
  • Articles & blogs
  • Civil legal documents
  • Complaint Boards
  • Mugshots
  • Controversial Photos, pdfs and videos
  • Crisis management

For a quote for all of these services, feel free to contact us through this information:

Contact number:              (970) 458 8143

Address:                             9615 E County Line Rd-Ste, B#444 Centennial, CO 80112

Email:                                  [email protected]

Building a good reputation takes hard work and dedication. Don’t let your reputation go to waste. Shield it from attacks with an all-round online reputation protection solution by RepZe. We are here for you!