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The Myths

Every day, there is a need to be involved in different activities. Some of these activities would often lead to transacting business and other forms of activities with other individuals and organizations.

In some cases, the experience could turn out positive and in other cases, it might turn out negative.

When it is positive, we are often happy that whatever we spent our money on was worth the amount.

In other cases, we could be very angry at the fact that we had spent so much for so little or nothing.

There is also a lot of in-betweens where even though the service was not superb, it was also not poor.

There are a lot of websites that offer you the opportunity to talk about your good and/or bad experiences with other organizations. is one of such websites that provides such a platform.

You are able to tell other people what your experience was in a business dealing with a particular organization.

What Is is a platform where you can share a positive or negative experience you have had in buying with an organization. A lot of people have had instances where they have ordered from a product from a website.

However, by the time they received the product, the product was nothing compared to the beautiful pictures they saw on the website of the company they ordered from.

This could be further complicated when you send a message to the customer care that you want to return the product so that they can refund you but you get no reply.

Even in the instances where you get a reply, you are made to understand that you will not be able to return the product for one reason or the other. You might feel the need to put out your experience towards warning other people so that they do not suffer the same thing. offers you a place where you can easily do this and everybody will be able to see it.

As opposed to complaint platforms that only allow the sharing of negative stories, also allows the sharing of positive stories and stories that are neither positive nor negative.

Thus, you can share your experience if you should make an order for a product and the product arrived on time and in good condition.

Probably, during the process of ordering, you might have contacted the customer care and they were very professional and helpful.

You might also want to put out your experience to help other people who are looking for great places to shop for that particular product as well.

Irrespective of your experience, is willing to help you share it with the world.

The platform also features the use of percent ratings to portray how satisfied you were with the product.

This implies that you can rate an organization from 0 to 100 percent, depending on the quality of service that they were able to offer you.

Based on the average percentage, the company gets a bad, average, good or excellent review or rating

Who Can Post on

Repdigger is designed such that anyone who has a shopped with a particular organisation or has had other experiences with an organization can share on the website.

It is very easy to post on compared to a host of other forums or websites for providing reviews and feedbacks.

This is because you do not need to be a registered member before you will be afforded the opportunity to post a review.

Thus, anybody can simply open the website and add a review about a company, phone or person on the platform and it will be posted immediately.

How To Post on

If you want to post on, all you have to do is go to their website and select which category you want to add a review under. You could select a company, persons or phone. After selecting, you then click on the ‘Add a review’ button.

It is advisable to search the website first as there is a chance someone else might have added a review about the company or other categories you want to add a review on.

If this is the case, all you have to do is select the link to the company and add your own review to the reviews already displayed for the company.

However, if there is no review about the company yet, then you can click on the ‘Add a review’ button and then create a review for the company.

Other people will subsequently be able to post a review under your own review for that particular company, person or phone.

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    How Negative Content on Impact On Your Business?

    There have been a lot of people that have had bad experiences with a company.

    When they tried to explore opportunities to post a review, they learnt about but while searching for that particular company, they found out that many people have already posted a negative reviews about them initially.

    This could cause a feeling of pain to the individual because with a little more research, they might have learnt the information before going ahead to patronise the company.

    With this information prior to a purchase, they would have known better.

    The implication is that on a daily basis, more and more people are getting to know the importance of doing research and reading reviews about a company or business before patronizing them or about a phone before buying the model.

    When a piece of negative information is posted about your organization online, most people who see such negative review, especially those who have had a negative experience in the past, will be very wary of doing business with you.

    They would rather prefer to look for other alternatives and use companies that have no negative reviews as opposed to risk having a negative experience with your company.

    It will not matter if you were wrongly accused or if you would have provided the best service for that person.

    Thus, your company might have lesser sales and recommendations and by implication make lesser profits than they would have made if such defamatory information that relates to your company is not on the Internet.

    How To Prevent Negative Information about you from Showing up on

    The best way to prevent negative information about you, your organization or product from showing up on is to ensure that you maintain positive work ethics, where customers get exactly what they ordered for.

    There can sometimes be issues that are not your fault or beyond your control such as the product getting damaged before it gets to the customer.

    Ensure that you maintain very professional and effective customer service as well. They should be able to immediately attend to customers that have issues, complaints or inquiries about your services.

    The instance you find out that there is a piece of negative information about you on, you could be devastated and get confused about what to do. You might even be tempted to rush to their contact page to vent your anger about the content.

    However, this is not going to do you any good because the did not post it and cannot be held liable for it.

    Thus, any threats or fights through the contact page of the website will only make it much more difficult if not impossible to take the content off the page of the website.

    They would make a record of the insult and threats and utilize them whenever there is a court case informing them to remove the content. However, a calm appeal to through the contact page with some explanation that could prove your innocence will go much farther. Content Removal

    The best and easiest way to sort out the removal of your content from is to contact professional services like to help you with removing the negative content.

    Their experience, as well as their professionalism in handling the removal of negative and defamatory contents from different websites, especially, will go a very long way in helping  them to remove the content within a very short while.

    Furthermore, they could help you with the posting of positive reviews that would overshadow the negative reviews that you have gotten.

    Once your score in percentage is above 70%, there are several individuals that will not mind patronizing your company, especially when the reviews are quite many.

    By just adding 10-100 percent reviews to the negative reviews, you will get a positive result.

    It will be difficult for an individual to successfully achieve this, as use IP and other tools to ensure that the reviews that are being posted on their platform are not rigged.

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